Younger Guys on Here - Goals for 2013

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JContracting, Feb 11, 2013.

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    23 years young here. Just started in April after moving from Midwest to the Coast this Winter. Hoping to gain good amount of mowing clients and to do some small installs. And by April 2014 grossing 50k a year. Already enrolled in Hort school at local college for fall. I agree with Jcontracting that it's about the numbers of the business and staying on top of them. Keep numbers and spread sheets weekly if not minimum monthly so you go back 3 years from now and compare what you did and what doing currently. I believe in never stop learning and reading. For all you young guns out there take the time and read through this thread if you haven't. Even if takes you a year it's worth every page on it and priceless insight on the industry and how grow a successful company.

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    I'll be 33 on June 2nd. I've been doing this for a decade now (started right when you guys did).

    Goals? Don't kill yourself and work slow and steady. Keep a roof over your head and your equipment clean. You're not going to get rich in this business, but you're gonna be able to have a lot of free time and do a lot of thing most people with 9-5's can't. Please, do not take that for granted. If you don't understand that point right now you will when you decide to settle down and start a family. It's priceless.
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    I highly disagree to your statement in bold.
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    Depends on what you consider rich, but one could definitely make a lot of money 250,000 a year or more with 50-60% profit or higher takes a lot of hard work, but if your 20-30 and live at home with little to no bills you could be saving a lot of money or buying big boy toys, like 38' cigarette boat, f450 crew can dually to tow it, 2010 Porsche 911 turbo and so on.....then a house cash but one could certainly live a comfortable lifestyle doing landscape maintenance and tree service.
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    Yea, i know a lot of very very wealthy(rich) people in this business.
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