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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IN2MOWN, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. IN2MOWN

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    Over the years here I have noticed more and more "new to the business" people here which in turn has led to more threads like "What to charge?" "What to buy?"

    Im just wondering what peoples backgrounds are when it comes to the lawn and landscape field. Did you just jump right in or did you work for a company before you went on your own?

    I spent 5 years working for a 7 figure company as a crew chief and learned what to do and what not to do. We maintained over 700 commercial and residential lots when it came to mowing, maint., and snow removal.
  2. IN2MOWN

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    27 views and nobody wants to share huh?


    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    i worked for somebody else for 4-5 years before i got a job driving a truck locally then the company got bought out and i got downsized and couldnt find anything making anywere near what i was at so i took a job as a truck mechanic afternoon shift and started my biz during the day. the last year that i did both i was working from 730 am til 1130 pm m-f and most saterdays and sundays. that got old real fast
  4. zeroturner

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    Worked with a landscape company on one of their maintenance crews during college. After college took full time job in area of my degree. Kids came along and we decided that my wife would stop working and be a stay at home mother. I secured some contracts (convinced people to just give me a chance and they would not be disappointed), got insurance, certification, equipment and I was off. Nine years later I am still going strong and have not looked back. It can get a little stressful sometimes juggling 2 jobs, but I still put my family first and I am already seeing the benefits of the sacrifices we made for my wife to stay at home with our children. Besides, I truly enjoy being outside and admiring God's creations.
  5. jbell36

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    started when i was 12 with my bro, two 21" mowers, weedeater, and a truck...gpa saw potential in the business so three years later invested about $22,000 and built it up from there...i'm now 22 with about 80 accounts, biggest we've ever been so to answer your question no i've never worked for another company but have had much experience...

    IN2MOWN, what company did you work for in shawnee, epic?
  6. IN2MOWN

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    And let me explain why I started this thread. It was not to bash all the new people in the business asking questions. I love getting asked things and sharing my knowledge.

    I just have to wonder if people who get into this right off the bat with no experience wonder if its just an easy quick buck and you dont need a lot of knowledge to do it.

    I see some questions on here and Im stunned that people dont know the answer to them even people that have been doing this for a couple years.
  7. LedgedaleLawn

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    Started when I was 14. Learned from doing not being told. 12 years later, over 250 combined regular accounts and growing, fast.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I started when I was 17 working with a friend where I was his weedwhacker guy for like 2 years. I learned how not to run a business from him. I then went and worked as a crew leader for a reputable company for a year. Later moved to Florida and worked as a fert and spray tech and started a small part time mowing company. Hated it down there, moved back to Jersey, worked for a few smaller companies, worked for Brickman for a year and then everything fell into place and I started my company with my wife. If you didn't notice a trend, I'm a very bad employee. I've worked for about 10 different companies in that time. Most of them I left because they were full of drugs. I feel I'm a great employer but a bad employee. Anyway sorry to ramble.
  9. punt66

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    Owned construction company for 11 years. Doc said i had to retire so now im mowing. hahhaha
  10. jbell36

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    ya i completely understand that, especially since the economy is down a lot of people are jumping in, so that means very low quality equipment and no idea of what they are doing...i know i haven't worked for a big company but i know what i'm doing...i was driving a few minutes ago and saw this ****** mowing the strip between the street and sidewalk and blowing it into the that's just common sense, great work!

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