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    Sold My Jd 21" Today And Would Like To Purchase Another One In The Next Couple Of Days. I Use This Mower On A Few Lawns Were My Jd 38 Cannot Or Will Not Go. I Also Use It As I Said To Trimm In Hard To Get Places.i Have Had The Last Couple Mowers Jd And Personnel Pace For 2years. My Question These Mowers Did Not Hold Up Real Well Put More Money In Than I Intended To When I Bought Them. Would You By A Cheap Mower 300.00 Run A Year Or Two Sell It Off Or Buy Honda 800.00 A Keep For 4years. The Mower This Year Will Definitely Be Used On At Least 7 Yards (avg Lawn) Per Week Plus Trimming A Week.
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    this thread will probably turn into an "oh my xxx brand lawnmower is better and it runs great" type thing. but, just to give you my $0.02, my dad has always used lawnboys no matter what. i never really understood his loyalty to them, but used them when i started out helping him cut his yards. ever since then, that's all i've used. no, i'm not a large LCO, i'm solo and the lawnboys work great. i do 14 yards weekly, not including my own yard and my grandmother's and the only thing i've had to do with them was change the spark plug or clean the air filter. i don't know how the new 4 cycles are since all i use is 2 cycle, but you might get lucky because i was in my lawn repair shop today getting some stuff and they still had about 5 of the 2 cycyle lawnboys. like i said, i don't want to try and sound like "oh lawnboy is the greatest" but they've been very reliable for what i've needed them for.
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    We have been using the Honda HRC216HXAs for 6 years now. We had a Deere JX85 and it just didnt hold up as well. We bought one of the new Hondas this spring and they cut super good. Should last you 10 years.

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