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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Doster's L & L, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Doster's L & L

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    I was just curious to see how many of you guys use the logo of your equipment on your trucks. I'm not talking about a small sticker, but a larger one Ex: 24"x12" or larger. I came up with the idea to try to standout among the other competitors around here. I use Exmark and Kawasaki by the way. (my extra .02) This doesn't really tell anything about my services, but it does show that i use good equipment. I would stick out to the potential customers more too. Should i go with that option or should i label my services on the side of my bed? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank You for anyhelp you give.
  2. Wells

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    Would the customers really know the difference in the high end commercial mowing equipment?

    The average person not in the field has no idea what Exmark, Scag, Gravely, etc are.

    What the average person knows is Murray, Craftsman, MTD, Weed Eater, etc.
    The brands they typically see at Home Depot, Walmart, and Sears.

    It's still a good idea but the people that are going to understand the quality of your equipment are the other LCO's.
  3. twins_lawn_care

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    Hey Doster's,
    I personaly think it's a great idea. Even if they don't know what the brands are, it does have some impact in my opinion. Look at race cars, they are labeled up with sponsors from oil to tires to anything in the cars. Lots of people don't know half of what they are, but they draw attention. People may change their own oil, but who changes their own pistons? Not too many, but they're on there, and so they are viewed as a good piston mfg. When you see a non-sponsored car out there, you know he's a beginer, just by the bare look to his /her car.
    I like the idea, and think it would add some flash attention to your vehicles. The trailers around here are so plain, like a 12x8 trailer side, with a tiny 12" x 24" magnet on it!

    I'd say go for it, and would even consider contacting the companies you intend to use, as they may supply you with the stickers at no charge. They see the advertising as free for them!

    Anyways, I would consider doing the same thing. Maybe when I find a new truck for next year, I'll incorporate this.
    Good luck:blob3:
  4. Doster's L & L

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    Out of the two responses, both crossed my mind to the tee. Wells, you do have a point on this. thank you for your comments. And again, twins lc, with the race cars in mind, this is why i considered the manufacture logos. I think that using logos like Exmark or Gravely or Kawasaki, kinda would give you a higher social status in your local lawn mowing industry. I think it would tell everyone, "Hey, folks! Look here! I am using Exmark lawn mowers, the #1 leading lawn mower manufacture in the nation! They sell 40% of the nations market in commercial mowing equipment! I got the best and you got CRAP!!" That's what my competitors would be thinking. My interested public would think, "Wow! He paid a lot of $$ just to advertise his equipment on his truck. They must be really good machines for someone to spend that kind of $$. Our lawn care guy doesn't do that on his truck. Let's give Doster's a call." That's what the Dr.'s and lawyers in my area would be saying. lol My thoughts anyway. I dream in color. Mostly in green.
  5. Team Gopher

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    Hi Doster's L & L,

    Something to consider is ask a few people that you know who aren't in this industry if they can name a few manufacturers of equipment. If they can name some, then maybe putting the logos on would help. If they can't then maybe it would be better to use the space to advertise your services.
  6. BravesFan

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    I read a thread somewhere where one of the large commercial equip. manufacturers actually paid for the sign work on a lco's enclosed trailer. Their logo and commercial artwork...along with the lco's information. Can't remember which equip. manufacturer it was.

    I was looking at the brochures for the new Zmaster. In the brochure, Toro has a 20 foot plus enclosed trailer with NICE zmaster graphics on the side. This rig DEFINITELY gets noticed!

  7. pinnacle

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    Ahhh.........Iv'e been doing that for quit a while now.

    This has absolutly noting to do with the type of equipment you run and if the customer is familiar with the MFG or not.
    But saying this there would be some that appreciate good eqipment when they see it.

    Most importantly what it dose show the "potential" client is that your "Into what you do". In turn.....That should reflet on your workmanship.
    But there again I'm not saying that everyone that runs rigs with MFG logos do a good job.
    I'm the only guy around here that dose this and the #1 comment I recive is......."Wow you must realy like your work) and I do and that shows/says alot.

    Only pic I could find.

    I have GD Paw prints all over the back whindshield on my truck too. (I like that alot:) )

    mfg logo on t gate.jpg
  8. Doster's L & L

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    Thanks for all of your comments. I am starting to think that if i do get the MFG logos on my truck, it would probably have to be on the front end of the truck. I will most likely end up using the bedsides to advertise my services since there is more room to do so. Again thanks. If there are any more comments, i would like to hear what you have.
  9. studentlawn

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    It sounds like a good idea, but like other said, i woundlt focus on brands of the commericial equipment but the brand of tires or something like that on the equipment, something peolpe can relate to. I really like the cartoon idea. I think its important to have some type of marketing attention getting other then your logo. We personally got a cartoon designed the two owners of the company and are getting it printed on th eback of the 20 ft enclosed.

  10. Team Gopher

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    Here is a pic from this post.


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