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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Doster's L & L, Nov 14, 2003.

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    It's not necessarily a matter what brands the layman will recognize, but rather which brands will PAY YOU to advertise for them.

    Will your trailer dealer pay you to put their logo ? Pace Trailers already pastes their logo. I tore all such logo OFF my trailers. And then I asked trailer mfgr if they would like to pay me to put a new one back on. They said "no". But then that is less clutter in the message of my logo.

    Will your tire supply company pay you to put their logo on. I know one LCO who does it. Don't know if they get paid for it, but I bet they get GREAT service when they drop their rigs off for service.

    IF you advertise for someone else's name, brand, or logo you may expect to get paid for it. :D
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    I thought favorably on the idea also. Once I get my enclosed trailer. I will be writing letters to the mfgr's about sponsorships. It may work, it may not but, even if ONLY ONE of them (including local dealers) are willing to pay for the signs and for the privilege to advertise in a place that is viewed by XX many "potential" customers, it will be worth it to me.. I mean,.. my Company name will be the largest print or course,.. but,. what effort is to me . The space is there,.. why not let it make money for you if it can?

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