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  1. 21eagle

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    can anyone email me a sample sealcoat and striping estimate format they use?? looking for the way you set up your estimates on paper?? thank you chris
  2. 21eagle

    21eagle LawnSite Member
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    Anyone use a certain program or format when doing a commercial estimate?
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    outline what you will do and wont do. Out line the steps of your services. Any type of guarantee that you may provide. If you do provide a guarantee then what voids that guarantee. We put the amount that we are insured for on our estimates and also state that our workers are fully cover by workers comp(DO NOT say that you are if your are not it could land you in even hotter water if something would go wrong). Then of course the obvious your company logo tele#. If you have it there name address( if you dont at least have the address in the estimate and you signed it some crook down the road could call the cops and say this is the estimate that you gave him yada yada yada signed contract)
    Our itemizations Usually go like this
    Asphalt Edging(trimming of grass around area to be coated)
    Prep/Cleaning(all vegetation and debris removed from said area)
    Hot/Cold Crack repair
    Sensitive area broom application
    Two(2) spray applications of sealer.

    And usually only have prices next to crack repair, and spray then the total.
    This is more then what i had to go on when I started so I hope this makes it easier for you. Best of luck!

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