Your expectations of the "lead hand"?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mountaineer, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. mountaineer

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    My business jumped from having 2-3 employees last year to 5-6 employees this year.
    Because of this I naturally have significantly more to deal with in all departments (hiring, firing, delegation, organization, paperwork ETC ETC.)

    So I've given my 6 year employee "lead hand" status and a pay hike. HOWEVER.... I never gave him a detailed list of expectations and he isn't just naturally taking it by the reigns. That sucks- but yet another lesson learned!

    And quite importantly- I am always on site, always delegating to the crew, really the LH position is "ceremonial" as it is a rare day that I'll miss a day for him to lead the crew... But I want to get him earning his hefty wage ASAP.

    I'd appreciate hearing what exactly you expect from your LH. I need to make a list and have a sit down with my own to let him know what I need from him.

    THANKS for any tips!!!
  2. bran3225

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    Just sit him down one morning and go over everything what you expect him to do.
  3. mountaineer

    mountaineer LawnSite Member
    from WA
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    That's the plan. I'm hoping to get a list through people heres help. I don't want to ask too much, or too little. Just what others are doing.
  4. JohnnyRoyale

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    Is the Lead Hand on maintenance or construction jobs?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Sounds like a few growing any case, you have made him your lead guy, yet you continue to be in the field everyday leading the troops. Of course he's not going to act like the lead guy when you are still filling that position. You said you gave him this title because of your increased duties, so maybe back off being in the field a bit, have a little meeting with the guy and come up with a game plan and expectations for both of you.
  6. mountaineer

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    from WA
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    Thanks for the replies.
    It is all maintenance.
    I have considered taking time off (much deserved time off) however if I do that I will need to hire yet another employee which I'd rather not do at the moment, need the money for the new tools, etc. And replacing me is about 1.5X a regular employee- which gets pricey!
    You are right about the growing pains- that is exactly it.
  7. Prestigelawncare

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    I agree with Hoolie. Its hard to delegate and run a crew if the head man is around making the calls. I had a talk with my guy and told him to take charge once in awhile even if I am there....kind of like show me what you can do. He has to let them know that he can make a decision even if the big guy is still around. There are times that you might have to bite your tongue but at the end of the day if it wasnt the right call pull him to the side and let he know....maybe next time you might want to try this. We all make mistakes and going thru all the growing pains is part of the process. At one time we all started on the end of the shovel or swinging that line trimmer around until we got the hang of it and moved up the ladder......Good Luck!!

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