your experiance with shindiawa t261 trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cpt87gn, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. cpt87gn

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    im looking into buying a trimmer and im leaning towards shindiawa t261
    im planing on starting next season and getting some eqipment now im hoping of starting with at least 15 yards is the t261 too heavy should i get something smaller please give me your input on this trimmer im also looking at the stihl 90r im planning on doing small residential new subdivisions right now i have an echo srm210 that i dont like and stihl br550 blower ,and shindiawa le261 edger that i just got today /and a 21''honda from homedepot
    im going to pickup tommorow planning on getting handheld hedge trimmers a 36 walkbehind
  2. PLS-Tx

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    The T-260 was a good trimmer, the T-261 not so good.

    We have two T-260's and a T-270 that we will be selling. Let me know if you are interested.

    We are using Echo now, bought one today 265T, we bought our 1st one a few weeks ago. The guys were fighting over it so I figured we better get another one. We also have a Echo 261T I wish we could get more of those.

    After years of using shindy, we like Echo much better.
  3. N.TX

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    Im not sure which model I had but I loved the thing except for one MAJOR PROBLEM.............
    the choke kept breaking and would stop it from running ......broke about 4 times within the first month or 2 I had it ....took it back and traded for a redmax.
  4. cpt87gn

    cpt87gn LawnSite Member
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    what trimmer do you recommend thats not to heavy and not too expensive best bang for the buck
  5. Turf Dawg

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    The one you are going to buy from me:laugh::laugh:

    If you do not mind a flex drive I will recommend the Stihl FS80R. I have heard they are going to stop making this one though. My Stihl dealer says he will believe it when he sees it though. He thinks they will be committing suicide.

    I did send you a PM
  6. Alan0354

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    Don't know about the best trimmer!!! We have two threads trashing both Redmax and Shindaiwa. Look like good trimmer is a rare breed. But Kawasaki trimmers are sure a lot cheaper and lighter than most of the other commercial stuffs and review seems they are on par with the rest. Here is the link on ebay on some new ones:
  7. cpt87gn

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  8. yard_dawg

    yard_dawg LawnSite Member
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    I have 2 shinny T261's and 1 t271. I have them for years with little or no problems. Just bought the new shinny t281 if i am thinking right it has replaced the 261, have only used it for a month now but it seems to have plenty of power.
  9. 93Chevy

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    Here's some stats:


    T242: 23.9cc, 11.3lb
    T261: 24.1cc, 13.9lb


    BCZ2401S: 23.6cc, 11.1lb
    BCZ2601S: 25.4cc, 11.6lb


    SRM225: 21.1cc, 12.1lb
    SRM230S: 22.8cc, 12.1lb
  10. 93Chevy

    93Chevy LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have an Echo PAS 260. It'll run the attachments with no problem. If I was going to buy a trimmer, I'd probably hit up redmax or an SRM225. I have a powerhouse for cutting brush and heavy grass. Something light for standard lawn trimming would be great.

    Personally, I love the RedMax 2401. Light and powerful.

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