Your favorite Tree Hugger Granola Nut Story??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ric, Oct 15, 2012.

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    I was doing a Regular scheduled Preventative Flea & Tick treatment at a Dog Kennel and Grooming business when I entered the Grooming area. As I walked in Carrying my B&G can sprayer the brand new Dog Shampoo Girl who was wet with soap from head to toe started screaming. ""Stop spraying that stuff around me"". I started Laughing as I pointed out to her the ADAM'S Fleas & Tick Shampoo was the same Insecticide and she was swimming in it. She quit and was out the door before I was.

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    I had a similar one when a customers neighbor asked what I was applying when I was doing a merit treatment. Her attitude changed once I asked her if she used flea/tick drops on her dogs. The worst I ever had was a lady at a 120 unit duplex condo site. She was constantly going to the hoa board and didn't want us to treat any of the property. The board got her to quite down when we decided we would treat the whole property normally and do no pesticides around her unit. That lasted for two apps before she was demanding that we use no pesticides in any of the common areas. Every time we would shop up she would come out with her video camera and record everything we would do. If we spilt a hand full of fert in the street or the spreader through some on the street or parking lot edges she would call 911 and report a chemical spill before we would get the chance to sweep it or bow it. The fire department told me that she called and reported a chemical spill when one of the neighbors was changing his oil in the parking lot.
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    If the HOA had any b**** they would threaten to sue her for harssment.
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    One next door neighbor of a client claimed our weed product irritated his wife's asthma, and she was wheezing--(it was prime hay fever season) and they lived downwind of large fields of goldenrod in bloom. It was a 20,000 foot country lawn and I was using my Permagreen. They wanted to be called so they could get out of the house during the time of my treatments. He walked through the treated grass while smoking a cigarette. They claimed it was too windy--but I insisted I was happier with wind. They lived north of the treated lawn and wind was out of the west. In 3 minutes any vapor would be a mile downwind. I switched to a lower odor product, next time. Called ahead for liquid aps only.
    I also parked my vehicle out of sight and tried to do the dry aps quietly so that they would not notice. I did the swaths near their property first and by the time they noticed I was a couple hundred feet away--that was my plan at least.
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    Goldenrod is commonly blamed for causing allergies but goldenrod is merely a victim of circumstance: it blooms at the same time of year as ragweed, which has inconspicuous green flowers. Being by far the more conspicuous of the two, goldenrod has become the scapegoat for ragweed allergy. The fact is that goldenrod pollen is sticky and can be spread only by insects, not the wind. By contrast, ragweed pollen floats off easily on the gentlest of breezes -- much to the regret of your sinuses!
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    One of my guys treated a wrong address, all hell broke loose. State inspectors were called. Local EPA agency was called. Homeowner were card carrying members of the Sierra Club. Thankfully I have a great relations ship with the State Ag Inspector and he offered some great advice which was, "Shut up and do everything they ask". Long story short we were apply Pendimethalin Pre-E being it was spring. Acoording to the label there is anywhere between 10-12 week active residual.

    We had to mow her lawn for the next 12 weeks and remove all clippings. Some of the prills landed in her organic garden 8'x16', 128sq feet. We had to excavate all soil to a depth of 10 inches and replace with proper organic balanced mix. I had to replace all the plant material and cash compensate for emotional damage. I also had to buy her a new pair of Ladies white Keds shoes because he walked through the lawn and felt they were contaminated.

    The big crutch was she was pregnant and the husband let it be known if there was a miscarriage or other birth issues we would be hearing from their Attorney.

    I can say we had one hellava employee meeting on this... All worked out well never did hear from a attorney so I can only guess the birth went fine.
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    I just threw up from nerves after reading that
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    Yep I was hoping for FUNNY STORIES not Nightmares. That why we carry Insurances. However I would be scared as heck of Getting dropped and Black balled by the Insurance companies.

    HOW TRUE THIS IS, IS QUESTIONABLE. But it is a popular story about Ann Mason The Local President of the Granola Nut Tree Hugger group. a PCO who bought a Brand new 300 gallon Skid sprayer in a Brand new truck that never had the first pesticide in it. He fill the tank with straight Water and BLUE FOOD COLORING. He parked in front of her house when she was home and made a enough noise to get her attention. BTW Just in time to release 300 Gal of Blue Dyed potable water on her Street and let it run into her yard.

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    This is an interesting story, along with mscotrid's post. Chemical trespass (or even the thought of it, whether it really happens or not) is going to be a big issue in this industry in the coming years.

    Maybe some of our guys from New York can chime in and tell me if I'm right or way off base, but I remember hearing that LCOs in Long Island had to notify the customer and surrounding neighbors a couple of days in advance of an application, and provide labels and MSDS in hard copy to customers and their neighbors. One guy even told me that the law said he couldn't apply something to a customer's lawn if one of his neighbors objected to it.

    Scary stuff.
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    Well I hate to comment on Rics story but I have to ask why you sprayed while she was in there? Could you have asked her to leave for a moment or wait until she finished the pet she was washing? manufactures may say the ingredients in the product are safe but washing a dog in it versus inhaling it are different subjects and can we really trust what the manufacturer states about his product. I was golfing last Saturday. It was windy as he'll and a golf course employee was driving a tractor spraying a huge volume of something on the golf course. He went right past us even as we were trying get out of the path of the spray. To be honest I could have choked the SOB and smacked the manager that sent him out while the course was packed with holders. A lot of stuff in our industry we bring on ourselves.

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