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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimK, Oct 18, 2000.

  1. JimK

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    This is Jim at TURF. I'm interested in finding out what manufacturers are considered the BEST ... equipment-wise, service-wise, or whatever. Might make some interesting reading in the magazine. Quick note here: several weeks ago, you challenged magazines to start doing "consumer reports" type equipment reviews. The challenge was that magazines won't do it 'cause it might make an advertiser mad. Well, look forward to the 2001 issues of TURF. We're on the road to doing just that. BUT, it can't happen very fast because we have to make sure that the "evaluations" are done over a reasonable amount of time. Several of you folks have volunteered to participate. You'll be contacted. And if there are more of you, please e-mail me at
    We're not chicken%%%% about this issue. We've tried to figure out how to do it right ... and we've rec'd a lot of good ideas about how to do it.
  2. leeslawncare

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    Well Jim...First of all i think this site is the best site for this biz.second got to cut it with something so i use snappers an john deeres.Third would have to be Lesco. I think they have some of the best prouducts i've seen an some of there equ is very good ,except for the viper ! right guys?Redmaxx in my opion has the best blowers on the market an i'am even looking into trying out their trimmers as well.I know this will be a hot topic so i'll be looking forward to seeing some other post as well thanks jim for asking for our adivse on this !!!
  3. Runner

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    I think you are going to find several who, like me, are very fond of what Exmark has done the last few years. If you'd like, E mail me and I can provide you with my dealer's name who sells Exmark, Gravely, AND Scag, and he sells a TON of them. I'm sure he would be pleased that you called, and he could help you with even more who have each. This guy is a four star dealer specializing in serving the commercial industry and takes EXCELLENT care of all his customers. Anyway, good luck with it!
  4. JimK

    JimK TURF MAGAZINE Publisher
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    Hey thanks, Runner. It would be great to know who this dealer is. If he's that good ... we should probably do a story on him in the magazine ... to help other dealers know what an EXCELLENT dealer does.

    Not to say other dealers are screwing up. But -- in all businesses -- there are a few that REALLY do the right stuff.

    Let me know your e-mail address and we'll communicate.

    Thanks again,

    Jim at TURF
  5. Chuck Sinclair

    Chuck Sinclair LawnSite Senior Member
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    Here in the west (California) i like.


    Honda for 21" mowers
    Exmark for anthing larger
    Echo Blowers
    Honda weed wacker
    Stil hedge trimmers

    and last but not least FORD Trucks.


    Bliss power lawn equipment they put the commercial guys first if i take a pice of equipment in for repair they ask do you have a backup if i say no they loan me one or repair on the spot. now that's service.

    P.S. Why can't i seem to get your magazine i have filled in the online form twice.

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  6. HOMER

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    Hello JimK, Homer here.

    Throw me in for Dixie Choppers as being one of the fastest, most durable machines on the market. Quality of cut is second to none, not even Exmark. The OCDC feature is an excellent safety device that I feel all commercial mowers should have. As far as scalping is concerned, I have a 72" that will roll over any berm, hill, or mound and not scalp. The foot operated deck height adjustment feature frees both hands up to control the awesome speed and power of this machine as well. Safety first, performance second.......Choppers got it goin' on!

    Homers opinion!
  7. Charles

    Charles Moderator Staff Member
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    I think Kubota has the best 4 cylinder and up tractors. I have one and it has been a great workhorse. Very durable and reliable and alot of power.
  8. crew

    crew LawnSite Member
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    I have several older Toro wb's and one brand new one. The old ones are unstoppable and the cut quality rivals my lazer 60's. The new one with the sfs deck is marginal. 2.5 more horsepower and it cannot keep up with the old timers.
    I have Echo, Tanaka, and Shindaiwa blowers and the shindaiwas are far superior to others.
    I have Tanaka and Shindaiwa trimmers and, again, the Shindaiwas are lighter, start faster, easier to reload and in every way superior.
    My dealer(exmark, toro, shindaiwa,tanaka...) has switched to commercial equipment only and is very responsive to pro needs.For example, he keeps demos of everything he sells and GUARANTEES a loaner if we break down.
    Hope this helps.
  9. RYAN

    RYAN LawnSite Member
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    This is simple

    Small mowers: Honda
    Larger mowers: Exmark for sure
    BacKpack blowers: Stihl
    Trimmers: Redmax or Shindawai
    Edgers: I use Mclane and it is good, I'm not sure about the best.

    Is there a website where I can subscribe to your magazine
    Thanks, Ryan
  10. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
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    Ryan, upper right corner is the link to Turf.

    I am with Homer on this one. I have had 4 great Dixie Choppers and still have 2 of them, one a XW2400 60" 22 HP Kohler with almost 3,200 hours and I have had very little problems with it. The biggerst problem I've had with it is the intake manifold gasket, which was a Kohler problem. My other one is a 2001 XWD2600 26 HP Yanmar diesel 60" Chopper which has 282 hours on it now and I've had nothing but great luck with it also.

    My Dealer has to be the best on in the business. He sells Dixie Choppers and Exmarks and uses Dixie Choppers in his huge Lawn Business. He runs about 35 of them the last I chatted with him about this. He has some old chain drive Dixie Choppers with over 15,000 hours on them he still uses. He always has parts if needed and I find if I use what the dealer uses, he will stock parts so he has them if needed. He and I use all Shindaiwa Equipment except for the EB6200 Red Max Blowers.

    If you need any help with this test, I will try to help you. is my email, shows my machines and what they and I can do together. :) Good luck on this test and I'm glad to see you do this.

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