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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sin City Lawn Care, Feb 22, 2006.

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    So I was reminiscing one day and thought back to how I got started in this business and thought that it would be a good idea if some of us shared our stories for some of the new guys in the business...

    What I am looking for from all of you:

    What was your first account (Not your grandma, parents or the girl that you were currently seeing at the time. But your first REAL account. Oh ya not the first one time mow, the one that you had a weekly agreement with)


    How did you land the account.

    I think sharing these stories with people will go along way in helping some of the new people out.
  2. mulcahy mowing

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    I still have it! I got it wow 4 years ago it's a gym. I got it because it's one of my dads good freinds who wanted to help me out. great money in it to $40 a cut for a small little lawn.
  3. Sin City Lawn Care

    Sin City Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Its great that you still have the account, its shows that you are actually servicing the customer.

    But when i posted this I guess i was a little unclear, What I was looking for was stories of how YOU got your first account. Not one that was handed to you because a friend of a friend and that sort of thing.

    What did you all do to EARN your first account?
  4. 1MajorTom

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    Our first account was 8 years ago, a guy called up and said, "gary don't cut no grass no more. will you give me an estimate?" His name obviously was gary, we went to look at it all excited :rolleyes: because we got our first call. Landed the weekly mowing for $28. He was a very nervous guy, and said he wanted it cut on thursday. Heck, back then we could accomodate, so thursday was his day. As our route grew, thursdays ended up being our busiest day of the week, and gary was the first on the list for the day. in 7 years, we missed him two times. He took a cut EVERY week even in the dead of august. The first time we missed him we were like 3 years into his service, he called to check on us, said he thought something happened and thought we were in the hospital. Anyhow, both he and his wife got ill, and they just sold their place and moved into an assisted living home. We no longer have that account.
  5. palawnman

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    I remember my first account. She saw my ad in this small time paper that I had put an ad in just because it was cheap, and it got delivered to people's houses for free. We talked for a couple of minutes. I remember her complaining about her old LCO, they wouldnt come when she needed them. She is pretty picky, sometimes in prime growing season, she wants it cut twice in one week, and she wanted her privet hedge trimmed almost once a month (sometimes once every 3 weeks). She basically said that she was waving a blank check in front of their faces and they still werent coming. So I went over some new ideas for landscaping for her, and told her that if she wanted the lawn cut 3 times in one week (as long as it needed it) j/k that I would be there. I actually thought the she was just full of it that the hedges would need to be trimmed that often. But by the time I left her house, I talked her into new landscaping ideas and signed her up $45 per cut for a little less than 3/4 acre. Also $245 each time I trimmed her bushes. By the end of the year, she spent almost $1500 in lawn cutting, and about another $2600 for landscaping (bushes included, trimmed the hedges about 5-6 times, and she even said that was the healthiest she had seen her hedges in a long time.) By the end of the year, I knew the hedges so well, that I could trim them in less than 2 hrs. My best time was about 1 hr 45 mins. She is by far my best customer...always brings snacks and drinks whenever I am there. Sorry for the long post. Good Topic!

  6. tcls83

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    Got my first real account from an ad in the newspaper (a few years ago). Just a small spring cleanup job (leaves and pine needles), I wicked underpriced the job, but oh well. They were happy and I was happy when I finished my first job.
  7. ECS

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    My first customer is also my biggest year round account. I was at there house doing some work one morning and headed into the office when I was done. I was working for a property management company at the time. Well when I got to the office, my employer fired me. Well I called the person where I had done the work that morning and went out to talk to him about some issues he could help me with in regards to my ex-employer. He told me to go out on my own and do the same thing that I was doing for the other company. This was in Aug. of 2004.

    I got a message from him the next morning. He called my old boss and told them that if we decided to stay in the valley, he would help us and had no more use for the property mgt. companies service. The next week, he paid me to stay on his property and show my temp. what to do. The company I worked for had someone else there the following week, and I was paid again to babysit them. Did this every week until the grass stopped growing at the end of Sept. This lawn is at least a 3 hr. lawn. Not only did he pay me to babysit them, but gave me all the side work that I would have normally done for the company that fired me. They had me do work that would not have been done had I not been fired.

    To this day, they are my best customers and are like our adopted parents. They are an older couple and need someone to help them with a lot of stuff. They already informed us that they want us there more this summer. When I say us, it is myself for everything and my wife for cleaning. I think I will be out there at least 8-12 hrs a week this summer. They take very good care of us and we do the same for them. They are only here 6 months a year and depend heavily on us to take care and maintain their home not only in their absence but when they are here also.

    This person has given us so many 5 star recommendations that I have lost count how many he has given us. He took me around to all of his friends in the area and introduced me and highly praised me to them.
  8. jtkplc

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    My first "real" account was a softball complex that I still have. It consists of 4 fields and areas outside the park and by the road.

    When I was younger, 11 or 12, I used to cut my next door neighbor's yard. The guy that lived next door to him, 2 doors down from me, was looking for someone to take over the account. So everyday after school I would ride my bike over there and cut for a few hours using their equipment which was a 50" Simplicity rider. Once I was able to drive and as my business grew, I started using my own equipment. I'm very thankful to them for giving a 12 year old a chance.
  9. Signature Landscaping1

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    My first was about 4 years ago, i had just moved into the neigborhood and was cuttin my neighbors lawn, and he stopped asked me what i would charge, and i still have him as a weekly customer today. what a great guy he gives me xmas tips every year.
  10. MysticLandscape

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    Well the first lawn that i got that wasn't through family or friends was in the next town over. I was doing a lawn for a lady my dad worked with and then one day both her neighbors came up to me and asked me if i would do their lawn to. That was four years ago and this year im going into the fifth season with all three and i do them every thursday rain or shine.

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