Your getting leaves on my lawn.

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    Yes, it's starting already. The frustrated cry babies are at it again. Can't these people go play in traffic or something? You can always tell who the major pita's are because they pay tree services to hack the neighbors trees off their properties including the street trees. How dumb are these people? What fantasy world do they live in? I've already had a couple of neighbors watching me cut and blow to make sure I don't pollute their lawn with leaves. What I want to know is how do they distinguish the three leaves I blew onto their lawn from the 5,000 that just fell off the other trees?
  2. carcrz

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    When the leaves are falling, I even bag the ones that are in the street. I leave everything looking perfect. I also charge for each bag though so that might make a difference as to you doing that or not.
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    can't please everybody .i have a customer that ha a lot of leaves and i have caught the next door neighbor blowing leaves on the lawn that i take care of .it pisses me off but what can you do. act like i don't see it and just clean it up .try to be good with your customer service

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