Your idea of the "perfect" lawn equip. dealer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowingman, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Mowingman

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    What is your idea of the "perfect" equipment dealer. What should he stock at a minimum; what hours; what extra services should he offer; should the "professional get different treatment than the "homeowner". List everything you would like to see your dealer do, or offer, to make him the perfect dealer for your needs.
    Here are some of my ideas.
    1. open at 7:00AM
    2. demos on everything he sells
    3. Loaner machine when yours is in for warranty work
    4. Good inventory of basic parts like filters and belts
    5. Willingness to get parts in "next day"
    6. Will open shop after hrs, or on weekends for real "emergency" parts needs for the commercial guys.
    7. LCO- owned equipment repaired on a priority basis ahead of homwowner stuff
    8. Fair prices on equipment, but not necessarily the lowest price.
    These are just a few that I have thought of. What are your thoughts?
  2. Acute Cut

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    Well, you just described my dealer EXACTLY! Carls mower and Saw here in Ferndale Wa is THAT dealer. I was running behind today so he dropped my mower off at my house for me on his way home. hmmmmmmmm

    Ok, so it is a bad thing to brag about yourself. Is it still a bad thing to brag if it is about your dealer? (Speaking strickly lawn equipment dealer of course, lol):cool:
    forgot to add this:
  3. lawnagent

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    My thoughts as well. That is my dealer to a tee. That is why I will never ever buy from someone else as long as he is in business. Besides the fact the know that my Dixons are much better than most give them credit for, he would prob have to stop carrying them for me to go elsewhere. He has let me take Blowers, weedeaters chainsaws, and even a rider one time, without any idea when I could pay because we have a good relationship. I have never ripped him and he has alway cut me deals. He has sold me some things at cost from time to time. Just last month, my money was tight and I needed a backpack blower. He called his dealer rep and got me a demo for half of a new. I did not make the check out to him I made it out to the rep. Never the less he told me that he was still giving me the commercial buyers agreement and service, even though I actulally did not buy from him. He is as good as gold in my book.
  4. Shuter

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    1 mile from home.
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    Weekend hours should be automatic,won't deal with anyone who doesn't have them.
    Yes parts inventory is a must as well............Had to run a lazer with new caster bearing and old galled up bearing race to get through the day because they had no new bearing race in stock. Pretty common item I would think.
    Priority over homeowner equipment is a good thought.
    Loaner machines and demos are good too.
    Good inventory of blades.....twice had to wait for gators and regular lift blades.
    just a few.........
  6. PaulJ

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    I'd like to find one lealer that has those qualities AND sells the eqipment brands that I like to use. and will get demos of them.
  7. 2 man crew

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    Right now I've got at least 8 lawn equipment dealers programed in my cell phone because non of them have every part or every brand I use. I do have one I call first for new equipment.

    But a perfect dealer would be able to direct ship new equipment or parts from the distributer overnight to my shop.

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