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Just wondering...would you consider it unethical to have your new employee mow your lawn while you drink coffee in the morning before loading equipment? I figured that this would be a cheap way to avoid doing it myself. Grass is definetly not the thing I want to deal with when I get home.


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i know a lanscaper who is rather large who pays someone more than he charges to cut his lawn lol. only because he keeps his trailer at his parents house a few towns away where most his clients are and he doesnt want his neighbors knowing he is a landscaper


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Unethical??? What makes you think there's anything unethical about doing that??? You pay the worker to mow lawns, do you not? You'd be paying him while he mowed yours, would you not? Why should he care whose lawn he's mowing as long as he's being paid fairly?

I'll tell you what; my employees have mowed my lawn for years now. They sometimes wash my truck, help me clean my garage once in a while, plant plants and trees at my house, install irrigaiton at my house, and I've even paid them to help me when I moved (although that was optional.)

I've never lost a bit of sleep from doing any of these things. I am paying them to work for me. I am pretty easy to work for and generally very nice and giving to my employees. I've never felt a sense that they felt disrespected in helping me with any of these things. Sometimes I sit inside and watch TV while they're doing my yard. Sometimes I go out and help. I don't think they really care. They're just glad to get the nice cold Coca Cola when they're done and glad they're being paid.


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my workers do my lawn, and help with the landscape, most of the time they do it all. they don't care if its my yard or someone else's yard they're still on the clock.


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ours do mine, my parents, both my brothers, my grandmothers, and my aunts.

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I figure I am paying them by the hour to cut GRASS..... I never stipulated who's they would be cutting. It all pays the same is what they tell me...... Of course I only have one guy that cuts for me so he's kinda like family but all the same.