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  1. Ok lets get this all on one thread.

    Post you leaf removal system.

    Mine is:

    Lazer ZTR w/Peco Vac

    Back pack blowers

    Big truck to haul them away, and a Giant vac 3001 loader.

    Blow the beds out with blowers.
    Pick up leaves off lawn with ZTR
    Remove leaves with curb side vac.

    Simple and easy to do with less manual moving of leaves.

    And NO mulching leaves on my accounts will not work. So that is why I/we remove them.

    We charge by the hour and that way only, for both lawn and curb side.
  2. casey

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    Lazers, Pecos, Back Packs, Big trucks, Giant Vacs,

    1 rake ( I find the large plastic ones to be most effective)
    1 box of garbage bags (black-30"by48")
    Rake like hell. Bag like a madman.
  3. #1 Blow out the beds with Stihl BR400
    #2 Run over them with 36" WB with a homemade leaf mulcher.
    #3 Pick up excess with Accelerator bag & dump 'em over the fence

    For larger areas I put doubles on my Toro 325-D with a 72" deck. They just bolt right on over the blade saddles in place of the cupped washer. It does a really good job without even blocking the discharge chute.
    It can just barely spin all the weight though, or else I need a new PTO belt.

    For really big areas, the 580-D I bought last summer came with a leaf mulching kit. I havn't tried it though. I hope it works better than what Toro shows on their web site.
    Click on "wide area mowers"
    Maybe they're just mowing the leaves. What do you think?

  4. Kent Lawns

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    Back Pack Blowers
    Olathe Sweepers ($12,000 apiece)
    Toro 327 Blowers ($12,000 apiece)
    8hp push blowers Lo-Blo, Giant Vac, Billy Goat
    Mowers with Trac-Vacs
    GMC 7000 Dump w/ 60hp Giant Vac system ($50,000)

    Back Pack Blowers
    Lazers w/mulch kit

    5hp Little Wonder Blowers used occationally.

    We used to think mulching would never work and in SOME cases it doesn't. But if you mow northern turf, try it until keep blowing and mulching. Perhaps try it on a "not so picky" customer. We've saved so much time with the mulching system and our customers are happier because we're there more often.
  5. Fine Lines Lawn

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    Here is the new TV 880.

  6. Premo Services

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    I use a lazer with ultra vac, and backpack blowers, and yes a rake and tarps for the hard to get areas. This season I started to blow the leaves out of the areas where the lazer couldn`t go, then get them with the lazer. It sure beats dragging the tarp all over the place. The lazer and ultra vac have been a good purchase for me and do well.
  7. Eric ELM

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    Kent Lawns

    Amen on mulching the leaves. My customers are very happy with our mulching of leaves and I can't see how anyone can have more leaves than we get in the one wooded area we mow at. Next year in this location, they will not allow burning of leaves anymore, so it will be all mulching there or a big compost pile.

    The county came out to one of our lawns and took pictures of us mulching to make a pamphlet to give out to home owners in that area, so they will know how to mulch the leaves next year.

    Casey, unless you have a 60" rake and can run like crazy with it, how can you say any method is slow compared to yours. Raking was done back when the dinasaurs were roaming the earth. :rolleyes:

    We use a Redmax back pack blower to blow out beds and around the houses and mulch them with 2 DC ZTR's. We have done this for the past 7 years without any problems.

    I used to have my helper go over the lawn to chop up the leaves and then I would come along with a 22 bushel lawn vac and pick them up. We would get up to 35 loads of leaves in that 22 bushel vac on one lawn, so we do have leaves here.
  8. MOW ED

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    I am laughing so hard I am crying.

    I don't even put a rake on my trailer.

    2 different techniques for different customer wants along with the $$$ to go with.

    Blow out w EB630

    Mulch to dust w/ Toro and doubles.


    Blow out beds w EB630

    Pick up w/ Walker GHS and dump on curb.
    Charge accordingly.

    I still "RAKE" but its cash I'm raking.:D
  9. casey

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  10. Kent Lawns

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    That is what we USED to use.
    (Was made by Olathe, before Toro bought out Olathe)

    Ours were the full-size ones with the 24hp engine and power high-lift dump. (& 12mph Road Speed)

    ~Don't know 'bout the new ones, but the old ones were HIGH maintenance. (Constantly replacing fingers and adjusting chains.)

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