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Just Got The Call Yesterday Afternoon, Your Machine is in...So I jumped in the truck and 15 minutes later I was looking at My 2012 ExMark 30" Riding Aerator!!!!

The pictures can't describe on how nice of a machine (looking wise) when I pulled up to the dealer! Has a great stance, and super easy to use! I just hope it will be easier to get parts and pulls great plugs!

It's been raining in Northern Illinois, so I just drove it through the yard and parked it in the garage. The ground is too wet with our record temps. and its been raining the last few days....but I hope to get it out in less than a week. I don't need a 1200 aerator making more of a mud mess in someone's yard.

So here's a few pictures and I will update Lawnsite once I get it in a few yards!

2011 F250.jpg

ExMark Aerator on Trailer.jpg

Rear View of ExMark Aerator.jpg

ExMark Side View.jpg

Front View.jpg

Left Side View.jpg

Controls for ExMark Riding Aerator.jpg

Controls for ExMark Riding Aerator 2.jpg


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Yep, the white bottle is the hydro reservoir. And I was surprised at how stable the machine does not feel tippy or where you are worried about it rolling over why riding it through a yard.

The price my local ExMark dealer gave me was $8,700.00....then he said ExMark had a $700.00 rebate on the machine & 0% interest for 3 years. When I talked to my local Toro dealer he said he would match the ExMark dealer's price...but said to get the $700.00 rebate I would have to buy a mower (which I don't need)....but he said that he would honor and match their price. So the $700.00 rebate really only covers taxes....which is still great!!!


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Nice unit. Is that a 2" receiver hitch tube on the front? What is the function? I'm also curious about the pressure gauge set up. I run a Classen Stand Aer and it has a level indicator to show tine depth. How would the pressure be able to give you a reading on plug depth?


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Yep, that is a two inch receiver in the front of the aerator. ExMark/Toro Company is coming out with a spreader and sprayer attachments that will let you aerate and spray or spread at the same time. I think a real game changer doing two things at once will save on time and money!

Based on the hardness of the will increase the downward pressure(the machine can go up to 1200 psi) which will give you a deeper plug....but the deeper the plug the slower the machine. I feel you really only need 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" and not 5 inches...which the machine can do.

The handling of the machine is what has really impressed me! It is very quick, easy, and you always feel in control....and that was in a very wet yard. So I am looking forward to getting drier weather here in Northern I get start working through My Customers....since Spring has been here the last 3 weeks!


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Im a fool when it comes to aerating so forgive my dumb question. I thought you only pull plugs in the fall, i was told you dont do it in the spring because it breaks the crab grass barrier???


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Depends on when you pull plugs...if you wait after the plugs start to break down you can apply your crab prevention...or if you do get some crabgrass, you can always spray it too.

I know a local company would aerate each month and they had the best grass ever. Golf course and athletic fields aerate a lot too.

The nice thing with aeration in the you pull your plugs 2 to 3 inches deep, the Spring rains come, and now instead of the new rain trying to work 2 to 3 inches of soil...with your plugs the water will now go down 3 to 5 inches....and now the water is deeper in your soil...your grass roots will grow towards the turn making a healthier, more drought resistant, thicker, yard. Plus if you spread fertilizer after plugging....when the rain breaks down the the holes with let the dissolved fertilizer go to your roots of the grass...making your yard spread and thicken also.

I think the only time you don't want to aerate is the summer....because of the heat, bugs, and disease can set in...unless you water or have an inground sprinkler system...but you would need to water to keep your yard moist...helping the plugs break down.


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Your truck has chrome.

Your trailer has chrome.

Your aerator needs chrome!


Even though I know how stupid it would be, I wanna put these on my brand new walk behind in the worst way. LOL!