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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Got a call 2 hours after aerating that invisible dog fence(that I wasn't warned about) isn't working now. Advice please.
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    I always ask every customer about sprinkler systems and invisible fences. Although I offer the use of my flags,I always allow the customer to place if they are able. This puts that responsibility on them in case of a mishap. We do have a responsibility to consider these things being we are the professional that does this everyday and we know what damage can be done to these systems. That being said, a homeowner should most certainly recognize what service they are having done and one would think they would consider something like aerating would damage their invisible fence if it were to hit it which is almost certain. I would be very polite and tactful in suggesting that this is something they should of let you know about. I guess they could be understanding in this or not so much. I have made the same mistake before in the past but had understanding customers. Hopefully you do too. Maybe they get a free aeration and you learn a valuable lesson. Good luck!
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    On My Website I have a pdf. file that's called "Customer Service Agreement". In this form, I have a few questions that every customer needs to answer. This way, I know what's in their yard....ex: in-ground sprinklers, dog fences, etc.

    I've seen where people might have a bad in-ground dog fence, want you to aerate....and then say that you messed up their system in the end.

    If In-ground Dog Fence Company was to come out....I think it's around $65.00to fix the line. This happens a lot. They have a meter device that will beep as they walk the boarder, when they get to the broken area it will let them know this where the line is broken.

    But the customer should have said something before. Otherwise, it's a good lesson learned....and I would take a look at my website!contact/c1ttv It's on the right side of the page.

    This way you can take a look and get an idea....or make up your own. Good luck!!! And learn from this mistake.

    Oh will have to get the dog fence fixed....or see if you can give them some free services.
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    Well at least you're aerating Adam....up here in Northern's still snowing!!! We have 6 to 8 inches, still!!!!! :dizzy:

    So learn from this mistake, and move on. Write up a Service Agreement and it will protect you and the customer in the long run.

    Good luck!!!
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    Have a portable radio? Hold it near the ground--and with luck you shold be able to hear the static coming from the wire. Find the break and twist it together...adding a bit of new wire as needed.
    Or just put the collar around your neck and when you hear the buzz...that part is working...don't get any closer.
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    Thanks to all for the excellent responses. This is my second aeration for this homeowner within 8 months & that's why I asked him if he had the fence in last year & he said they've had it for 3-4 years. He suggested it may have been because of the new Exmark stand-on which I didn't have last year. I'm definitely happy to help try and address this but I'm afraid that if there's one break there will be 100 breaks given the way I double & triple pass St.Augustine.
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    Quick question, I often depress the tines when backing up to loosen the soil up more if its heavily compacted. Any problem from doing this other than an ocassional tear-out? Secondly, I tap, tap, tap when aerating a circle to take the pressure off the tines, seems ok.
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  9. Rick13

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    Backing up no problem.

    Going in a medium circle it fine...but I will make sure I'm at 200 to 150 psi when I'm the chains won't creak when making a turn with the tines down.

    You don't need monster plugs...only 2 to 3 inches to break the thatch, loosen the ground, and the customer's don't want huge "cores" all over their yards that don't break down as quickly as smaller core plugs. Because when they cut their yard....their lawn mower and shoes will get caked with mud.

    I usually tell the owner to wait a week to two....and hopefully it will rain to help shrink/breakdown the plugs.

    I've thought of buying a drag mat to break up the plugs that I would tow behind the riding aerator....but that's it....I've only thought about it. The customer would like it, but I will have another thing to I don't think I will get one.
  10. adam.neusbaum

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    Last night was a great evening to aerate a local driving range's Tee-box. Just look at all the plugs I was getting 'cause they irrigated 2 hours beforehand. Full speed was great!



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