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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Mar 24, 2012.

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    i get what your saying...instead of having 3000 invested you now have 8000 invested..the customer shouldn't care how long it takes.( they agreed to the price right?)..but I know from experience they do...If your in and out in 20 minutes they feel cheated but they just don't understand the differences in cost of equipment
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    OH I know. Years ago, I had this old man I mowed for. Still was running a lawn tractor. Was charging $25 every two weeks. (this was 15 years ago guys...) Bought my first zero turn and old dude had a fit because I got done so fast. Felt like I should only charge him $20. Argued with him for a little bit about it and finally gave in. Not now. Sorry, but it's worth what it's worth. I also have a "I ain't arguing with your dumbass I have better things to do with my time" policy. :hammerhead:
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    Now that just makes sense.
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    None of my pricing will change this year with the new machine. I didn't change prices for previous and regular customers and my pricing structure is the same as last year. I seriously doubt that I will hear any complaints, but I guess I will find out!
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    Just finished a SA turf aeration & I wasn't pleased with the results. All I could think about was how well the Stand-on would have performed. If it were March then I wouldn't hesitate on the purchase but we'll be going into dethatching in 30 days (I guess) & I need a power-rake.
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    For me, I tried to find a happy medium for prices and time. I want to make money, so I give a little to be cheaper then most....but then when you factor in "your time"....I am able to do twice as much while using very little energy.

    But it all comes down to your bottom line.... what do you need to justify buying new or used equipment. Just because one guy can, maybe you can, or should wait a bit. If you have too many payments, what happens in winter when the aerator payment is due? Everyone has different expenses that can off set a low bid. But for me, one big thing I think is being seen....either on the web, your website, working a customer's yard, or past customer's telling their friends. The more they talk (hopefully good stuff) the more you will be able to get for your work.

    That's a good way of negotiating with a customer, start at your normal price, and if they can get a friend or two that want their yards done drop the price. Everyone makes out good! Nothing wrong with that.
  7. adam.neusbaum

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    My ads are $69 up-to 1/4 acre & of course once in a while ill get a caller saying that his & 2 neighbors lawns barely add up-to 1/4 acre. That doesn't happen often. I try to nicely stick to my rate & most of the time they call back to schedule. Otherwise you get "but you did my neighbors for such & such", not my kind of fun.
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    It can pull cores in reverse but it is difficult with the tine design. That is true for all these hydro drive aerators using that tine design. As the tip of the tine wears off it will pull better cores in reverse but again the shape of the tine, the cutting leading edge and hole that the core must pass thru makes it difficult to pull a core. With that said it is still doing a really good job of aeration as it enters the ground and makes a rollling "X" movement under the ground. It is reaching depth and doing a pivot on the tip as it moves backwards. This fractures the ground and relieves compaction so you are doing well by the lawn / grass by operating the machine in reverse with the tines down.

    I would venture to say that those who say they pull plugs in reverse are seeing cores from the forward movement falling out as very little soil is being pressed into the tines in reverse.
  9. turfcobob

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    Foxtrot, I would watch what you say. We are all using the exact same design of tine, entering the soil in exactly the same manner so be careful. and How much tine research have you done? I have been at it since the early 70s when I was with Ryan (who designed that tine) and many others.

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    The dual hydro is the Bomb. Other designs are ancient history!
    The dual hydro runs circles around the other designs.
    Take it easy BOBBY BOY!

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