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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lalorslawncare, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Interesting , I just did a bid for local municipal work. Parks and ball diamonds for a total of 18.8 acres. Only 12 cuts a year though.

    It's a 2 year contract with a $2500 non completion penalty. I'm hoping that scares a few of the lowballers off.

    As a few have said, A lot of newbies underestimate cutting and trimming time.
    They seem to think a mower the manufacturer say can cut 8 acres a hour will actually cut that quickly. With a 72" I find we get a actual 4 acres a hour at best. The manufacturer rates it at 7 acres a hour.
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    that was fun. I am trying not to crack up. I am barley holding it in. you all are too easy.
  3. santafe

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    :laugh:man its a good day to go fishing.:laugh::waving::laugh::waving::laugh:
    I knew you guys would go off.:usflag:
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    I knew alc-greg couldn't stay off that if he was tied to his chair with chains. thanks guys.
    hope i didn't tick any one off. o.k. I calmed down now. that was great.
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    so it was #2!! nice! well played
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    wow...maybe its just my area or maybe its just me but i think that is way to low or should i say i wouldnt do it for that...our industry is getting really bad because of all the price slashing where does it stop this guys was making a thousand a cut you heard about it and really wanted it so u cut that by 300 dollars then next year someone will hear what you are making a want it really bad and cut ur throat.. when does it stop...the academy down here was being done for 3400.00 a month by a well known company since it opened included bed maintenance lawn maintenance and parking lot sweepig somebody cut his throat and is charging 1700.00 a month now that is opinion which is what you asked for is stop bidding just to get accounts bid it at what you need to make money and if you get it, its because you have a great rep and they think your worth it so many people bid jobs just to get instead of bidding it right ...and im not bashing you.... we live in different areas so maybe yalls is just a little worse on the price cutting but i mean your cutting this guy by 300 when word spreads that they are looking for cheaper work guess what ur gone!!!
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    That is exactly how some of the bids are done here. How they can bid it that cheap I dont know. But it aint no old lady down the street its the bigger guys doing it!!!!
  8. LawnPro19

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    the way i look at it if they are looking for cheap work then my company is not the right fit for them!!
  9. lalorslawncare

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    When I bid a job I bid what is fair and equitable for the job and for the customer. By all means I will make a fair buck if I get this job at 700. The real issue I have with the previous lco is that he takes people for all that they are worth. As an example he has no pesticide licence so last year he contacted me to spray some of these same parks for him. I did this and charged him a fair price and made a very good buck for myself. When I gave him the bill his quote was to me " this is all your charging they will pay a lot more than this. In the end he took my bill and submitted a bill 2.5 times higher. I charged 400 dollars for spraying, of this I had 75 dollars in chem. took 2.5 hours to apply, job is 3 minutes from my shop. I made 130.00 an hour. He submits bill to his customer for 1000 dollars. If you see where im coming from. I have no quarrels with a genral making money off of a sub, but that was robbery. This is how this guy runs his business in general.

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