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  1. i posted this tread in the snowplow forum but i think i can get more info here too.

    Concern the purchase of a 90 f250 4X4, i want some comments before wednesday evaluation/inspection. Title "Is it reliable"

    Thanks again

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    Denis, I was just wondering what your decision was on the truck. From what I observed from other replies concerning the Ford TTB front end on F250's, as well as your information about the truck needing a lot of tune-up $$$, it doesn't sound as good as I thought when I first read your post, especially with the 9' blade you were considering. Just curious!
  3. I gonna i buy it. My welder give me 1000$ off, we'll rebuilt it together at is shop. With all the front work to do, i gonna try to find a f350 straight axle because this is the time or never to do the swap.

    About the plow, I'll go with a regular plow (8'fischer) and may be a pull plow at the rear end. 2 Helper and 3 blower (13/45, 12/33 and 1 single stage)

    Hydraulics pro wings plow, weight over 1100 pounds so it will be bennifict to rent or sub a skid steer or landscape tractor...and avoid a lot of damage.

    about the pro wing i've seen the biggest i had never seem, 3' wings on a 9' Fisher, Not sure he had a ballast in the bed. 15' wide when open, good for big lots, only with light dry snow probably.

    I'll bring my camera tommorow i try to carch it..ya still snowing.

    So until i work in full time basis and buy a new one truck, in 1year and half, it' gonna be a good truck and i will be able to keep it a long time.


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    Sounds OK! One benefit of buying from someone you know who is willing to work with you. Also, your decision on the plow seems sound too - as someone pointed out in another thread, use the truck for plowing and a loader for pushing & stacking! Good luck - do you plan to do any plowing with the truck this season or put the time into it during the spring and have it ready when snow flies next winter?
  5. Not really need the truck for the rest of the season. I prefer to take the time to tune it before summertime.

    Also now i need to find a good used fisher plow, or wait and pay 7500 this fall for a new one.

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    Denis, I agree with you: Good idea taking the time to get the truck "right" rather than rush things to catch the tail end of this season.

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