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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Jul 8, 2009.

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    We have a prospective client with a 2200 SF swimming pool deck that they had covered in some sort of epoxy/pea gravel texture. This texturing is coming apart and they are getting little pea gravels in their pool and spa.

    Therefore, they are looking to have the epoxy and pea gravel removed from the concrete decking, and would like some sort of new decking with "color and dimension".

    We could do a paver over lay, however there is an issue due to the elevation of the french doors at basement level. The pavers would be higher than the thresshold.

    Another option is to break out all 2200 SF of concrete and start over from scratch and either pour new concrete or install pavers.

    Or....another option would be for us to remove the epoxy/pea gravel and then have someone that specializes in concrete texturing come in and texture the concrete.

    I have seen some nice texturing jobs. But I've only ever seen such work when it's new.

    Does anyone have any horror or success stories to share about concrete texturing? Sure, we're a paver company, but I'd hate to rip out all their concrete if we could find a good company that can do a good texturing job that will last, thus creating a satisified client as well as saving them alotta money.
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    Not much help but I know everytime I have seen it it is always done with new concrete. I did watch some guys redo part of a stamped and died driveway and its blends perfect you cant tell part was redone. So I think its possibble to be done well.
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    I have a client that has a colored textured coat around her pool. It is maybe 5 years old and it is starting too look like garbage. The color is fading and the coating is pitting real bad. However I would like to think this is not the norm and is a poor installation job as everything else this company touched is falling apart. Years ago I had another client that had this done to a pretty old surface. It also faded some over the remaining years we serviced the account, but did not degrade. The one thing I noticed about them both is that they both stain real easy, they where both tan-ish. You cant take a rubbered tire anything over them without leaving some sort of mark. They come off pretty easy, but still noticable for a few weeks.
  4. AztlanLC

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    A properly done job will look nice and would last a long time but the price for that material and how much they charge to install it, ends up to be almost the same price at least that is around my area.
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    I find myself seeing that being the norm around here to. Resurfacing tends to be very pricey and hard to justify. That being said, based on DVS initial post, I would be really uneasy about ripping out installed concrete around a swimming pool if I could avoid it. Heavy grids and rebar surround the outskirts of the pool extending in some cases 10 feet out from the pools edge. One mistake and you have a whole new set of problems and they could be much bigger than they original.
  6. wurkn with amish

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    what some people do around here is take off the epoxy and get a big walk-behind concrete grinder and make it look nice by showing the gravel or limestone in the concrete. But it may make it too slick for around a pool. I've just seen patios and countertops done this way.

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