Your opinions please on used badboymower@trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by big_belly4ever, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. big_belly4ever

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    My fellow lco in the area that I would sub out to once in awhile is getting out of the business. He has gotten a management job now. He's offering a badboy pup 2years old 60" deck for $5000.00 and a trinity trailer,aluminum dual tire 6.5 x 12 for $2,800.00. Sound good? Your opinions please. What's the going rate on his accounts; mostly commercial. Is three months worth of his accounts fair price for the accounts? Meaning if he gets $100.00 month on an account times 3 months would be $300.00 for the account. Let the opinions roll. Thanks guys
  2. djchiodo3

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    Too much for the mower. The pup mower starts at $5995 brand new. Trailer price seems fine. As far as the accounts go, are they on contract, how long has he been doing them, where are they in relation to each other, how much do they pay ? I have seen lawn companies sell for as little as 3 months and as high as 6 months gross income plus equipment.

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    to much for a bad boy :nono:
  4. big_belly4ever

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    They are on contract, he has done them for a long time, most I would say are within 5 miles of me in the industrial park and down town. He hasn't given me a price on what he wants for them yet,hes going to get all them together and wants to meet and go from there. i was just wondering what to offer. Thanks for info on pup badboy whats a good price than??:
  5. djchiodo3

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    Two years old on pup commercial mower good price would be $3000 - $3500. Before buying business run the route with him for a month or two and meet all the clients. Let them know about the change.
  6. DuallyVette

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    I googled "Trinity trailers"- looked like tractor/trailer dump trailers.
    "Dual tire"...I guess that means it has one tire on each side. I've never heard of a single axel trailer being refered to as a dual tire.:confused::confused:...yea I am confused.

    I think a month's gross is enough to pay for a contract.

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