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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by southscape, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. Brickman

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    When ya buy a Ford there is the Power Stroke Registry to join, awe some mag for $35 a year. Tons of way cool articles, and more toys for your truck than you ever knew could exist.

    Randy have you heard much about the 5th gear problem in the Dodge older trans?? Some thing about a small nut that falls off a shaft and then YOU get the shaft from the repair shop.
  2. Randy J

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    Yeah, if the truck has done much pulling the 5th gear can be a problem. The nut vibrates loose when the truck is "lugged" in 5th gear. There's a shop in Fort Worth that has a simple solution for it though. And I think the new Dodges seem to have that problem fixed.
    The only problem with the Powerstroke Registery is that it's all about fixes, where the Dodge Turbo Diesel Registery is about add ons and hop-up goodies. J/K:p

  3. Brickman

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    Randy you must get the fake copy of PSR. Cuz mine is full of toys, and go fast goodies. And articles about how the new 6.0 PS kicks Dodge and Chebies butt. :D :D

    I heard some thing about the 5th gear fix, where they put a jamb nut on there, and then drill the shaft and add a cotter key as well. The thing with pulling in high gear is that if you only pulled in 4th you would never get above about 60 MPH. That is entirely too slow for me. Unless the speed limit is 60.

    As far as the juicer trans in all makes I wouldn't trust one any farther than I could throw it unless it was built. Fords and Dodge can be built almost bullet proof for around $1500. Haven't heard about GM.

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