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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by eskerlite, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. eskerlite

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    Why cant everyone use photos of there own jobs instead of using manufacturer photos that other contractors are using. It gets so redundant to look at contractors websites with manufacturer photos that were on the last website I looked at. Is it because You are just starting out? Get some pictures of YOUR jobs and put them up! Take away the manufacturers photos and get rid of them. Stand alone!
    Sean C.:dizzy:
  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    When I started out I made a portfolio to show my prospects. It was comprised of photos of work done by others. I went to a couple of lighting guys I knew at the time and asked to use their images, providing full credit to them. I was also very clear in my promotions using the portfolio that it was not my work but rather examples of what can be done with LV outdoor lighting systems.

    Then as I started to get work, I would take photos of my jobs and edit them into the portfolio, being sure to point out my work to the prospects. It was not long before the portfolio was filled with my work.

    Using stock photos and manufacturer's photos can be ok if done right, just be sure to attach a full credit as to who did the work and don't for a minute let the prospect think it is your own.

    Have some INTEGRITY!
  3. JoeyD

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    We offer photos becuase guys ask for them and need them. Some guys dont have many jobs under their belt before launching their new lighting website. I agree every contractor should be taking pictures of every job they do as documentation and to create a portfolio of work. We teach this everyday. But a bad picture can hurt you. If your lighting designs dont look good and your photos dont look good it could hurt your buisness. So get a good camera, practice with it, and perfect your craft of lighting design then take tons of photos.
  4. Mike M

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    I always gave credit with a logo, but now I am getting my own pics.

    Disclaimer: the photo below is halogen, but can be replicated with LED's. hehe

  5. JoeyD

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    I would love to see you replicate that look with LED.......

    As a matter of fact I am looking for full job photos done completely with LED if anyone can show them. I just want to see some jobs that have been done completely with LED.
  6. NightLightingFX

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    I agree with Sean. I think it is really tacky to use manufactures photos for web sites. I understand when one is getting started that you have to use something to promote your art. And if you don't have any work then I guess you have got to do what you have to do. I would say that the real quality beginning outdoor lighting professional will do all that they can to get pics of there work and promote their own work vs. someone elses. Personally I am proud of my work and I like to share what I have done with others. If I used someone elses work to help promote my business I would feel kind of ashamed. However, on the other hand I am working at putting together an Outdoor lighting power point presentation to promote what I do to clubs and etc. This seems like a great way to market what I do. In this case I would love to use other contractors work (not promoting it as mine) but show all the different styles and scenes that can be created with low voltage tech. I am just one person who hasn't been in the business a long time. I would like to use other contractor's work along with mine to show my audience what can be done in outdoor lighting. In this case I would also hate to use only my work because then my npresentation might come of kind of inbred - only one style being shown. That is what is neat about being a member of the AOLP etc. networking with other professional and having friends that are willing to share their work with each other. I think it is fun to have access to a brilliant peice of work and then say "I personally know this guy and this is what he did........."
  7. Chris J

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    When I first started, I sent out a mailer using a picture of another another's work. Once I received a paycheck, I hired a photographer before I hired an accountant. You have to start somewhere, but I'm proud to say that I only used that photo long enough to get a couple of jobs. Beyond that, it has been all mine.

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