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Your preferred mower and why....


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Yarmouth Maine
Ok, here's what I want in this thread:

1: What is your preferred mower brand
2: Why it is your preferred mower brand

Important things to note....how it cuts, durability, factory support....ease of parts, warranty issues.

What I don't want is a pissing contest. Tell me your experiences with this mower and how it has held up in the field. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME WHY ANOTHER BRAND IS NO GOOD! Just tell me why your brand is good.

If you are a dealer, please identify yourself as such. Don't try and sell me on it, unless you have used them yourself, with a full time crew, real world, not just mowing your personal or shop lawn.

Lets see if we can stay mature and civil, everyone is entitled to their opinion, lets honor the first amendment!:usflag:

Thanks for your willingness to stay on task here and keep this informative:weightlifter: rather than argumentative.:cry:


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I run Lazers, with the UltraCut decks. I have a Toro ZMaster runs good but cannot produce the results of the Lazers. i can always tell where the Lazers ran and where the Toro ran.

I like the way they cut and hold up for the abuse we put on them. I like the Hustlers on paper but have not tried them.


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I'm switching to John Deere this year for several reasons.

After demoing several brands and owning several brands, the deere's seem to have one of the best cuts out there. The MOD deck I'll be getting is the most versitile deck on the market, since it can mulch, discharge and bag without changing anything on the deck. That was very appealing to me when I was looking at mowers. I can't really speak for the durability of the mower as it will be the brand new 900 series and I don't yet own it. But servicing and parts availability should be easy. My dealer stocks lots of parts and will even deliver the parts if need be.

So for me John Deere is my preferred brand.

Accu-cut Lawn Care

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Chattanooga, TN
When it comes to dealer support, I think Deere has them all beat. I'm always jealous when I walk into jd and see their half hour guaranteed oil change and blade sharpening advertisements. Unfortunately, I only have a 36" cut gs walkbehind-belt driven- that is a backup for another. Their z's handle well enough, the 7 iron decks are pretty good; but, I'm not a fan of izt transmissions.

When it comes to smoothness of operation... It's Hustler all the way. Their control systems and pump to motor combinations are the best. Cut quality of the xr-7 deck is above average. I've had dealer issues with them in the past... But, the company itself always bends over backwards to remedy problems with operation and cut quality. I only have one Hustler super z left in the fleet. She lives outside and gets weathered a lot... But, she is still tickin to this day. I think I have about 1300 very hard hours on it.

For some change, I've decided to try out a Husqvarna this year. I'm getting a good deal on a pz6034. I've demoed it, signed some papers, and payed my deposit... But have yet to pick it up. My first impressions of it are that it will be a very comfortable machine to drive. And with the 34hp kawi, should be fine on power... even when mulching. It wasn't quite as smooth as Hustler super z; but, I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it fast enough.


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I run Exmark and Deere. I give the Exmark the edge for overall cut quality, both have pros and cons. The deere handles hills better and cuts tall grass like bahia much better. The exmarks however has given me the fewest problems. What will I replace them with? I would go with Exmark if we had a dealer closer than 40 miles or at least one that did not expect me to kiss his azz just for walking in the door! Deere dealer support here is horrible, absolutely horribe and crooked!

Metro Lawn

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1. Hustler
2. Built tough, great dealer support, productivity, comfort, great cut

Accu-cut Lawn Care

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Chattanooga, TN
Oh, you are in Maine. I bet it's wet there a lot. Hustler xr-7 cuts the wet stuff almost as good as the dry. xr-7 is the BEST wet cutting deck I've ever used.