your preferred sun screen?

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  1. Tcartwri

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    I have had a spot removed as well, and it was on my upper shoulder where I rarely get sun exposure and have maybe been burned there a half dozen times in my entire life, all of them as a kid/teenager. It's a weird thing.
  2. windflower

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    I wonder what the spf rating is for dirt.
  3. LHS Lawns

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    Skin cancer is serious stuff.

    I use Coppertone Sport Ultra SPF 50 sweatproof. Wide brimmed booney hat, long sleeved shirt. I'm part time and I don't get out till about 3:00 in the afternoon but I still take precautions.

    I go to the dermatologist every six months to get checked out.

    I have had at least six basel cell carcinomas taken off my face over the last ten years by a plastic surgeon and others at the dermos office.

    The last one I had removed was this past March. It was a different one this time, a Sqaumos Cell Carcinoma. They are very aggresive form of skin cancer.

    It started out as just a spot that looked like a pimple and it got bigger real fast. Started eating a whole in my face. Went to the dermo and he said go straight to the plastic surgeon.

    Got set up with an appointment a few weeks later and after one and a half hours of surgery that produced a scar from the corner of my eye to behind my ear I got rid of that sucker.

    Lots of guys on here don't think anything about skin cancer but it should be taken as a real threat to anyone working outside.
  4. GreenWestCoast

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    All natural, to see toxicity rates of sunscreens & toiletries check out the EWG Skindeep database
  5. lopealle

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    I guess it's a little different when you are black with the sunscreen thing. Even still I peel a little. Being that I don't really do sunscreens I would recommend loose fitting long sleeve clothing. It will protect you from the sun and allow a little breeze to travel through.
  6. JLC Lawn Care

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    I agree on the long sleeves. I know a guy whose been in the industry solo for 54 years and still works daily and has only had very minor skin cancer. Reason being, as soon as he got smart enough (in his 20's) he started wearing long sleeves, khaki pants, and a wide brim all the way around hat, as well as a neck cover. He claims it is cooler (in temperature) than short sleeves. I haven't tried yet, I just figured I would mention what he said.
  7. lopealle

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    makes sense
  8. CMassey

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    Bull Frog for sure. I was a lifeguard in the florida panhandle for years. I seems to work the best for me.
  9. eggy

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    I like to ask the farmers of old around here.. The guys in there late 80s most say only wore a cotton white t shirt and overalls no sunscreen... Most also will show you where the have had noises and ears cut on removing spots... Some however nothing...growing up as a kid I remember suntan oil no sunscreen or even using baby oil... Not the brightest move looking back
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    I use SPF 50 and really only apply it to my hands and neck. I use Columbia SPF long sleeves from DSG, long pants, a jafari hat with wide brim and a bandanna hanging over my neck.

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