Your recommendations for a LESCO fert program

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GarPA, Jan 27, 2003.

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    I've not wanted to get into the fert business too much, as we're a small and relatively young company and I'm concerned about the number of callbacks that occur when doing fert/chem applications. Well....I guess this is a good thing but I'm already getting calls from comm/res clients wanting us to do their apps. For you guys who live in the mid-atlantic/northeast region, it might be a good thread to collect opinons on a program using LESCO products. I've used them the last couple of years but only on relatively few accounts(compared to many of you). Results were fine...given the weather.....starter fert seemed to work very very well

    I need to be be straight up with you and say I'm not a believer in selling more treatments than are really required for a reasonably healthy turf....

    So...what would you LESCO fans recommend for a bare bones program??....I dont need prices unless you want to throw that in
    ( on 2nd thought please do that if you dont mind...I get dizzy trying to figure out TruBurn's pricing) ...I'm thinking 4...maybe 5....pre-m/fert, late spring fert, insect/grub, and a heavy fall I know some of you fert gurus will say NOT ADEQUATE. Please include the specific fert blends you prefer(N_P_K).and the approximate timing of each app( lets assume "normal" weather) ..KISS is preferred on this one if possible...thanks much
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    If you are going to use Lesco products, I would ask you local store for recommendations with these same guidelines.

    That would be handy for a comparison to the answers you get here.
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    I know its heresy to say this, but I think your program should be based on the needs of a particular site and not a one size fits all program. Just my humble opion.

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    trying to do a program for each site is crazy.. i think your nose is in the book a little to much lawnstudent, thats just my opinion. as for selling bare bones or just whats needed automatically puts you at a lose. oh, your comment on " truburn " you haven't done many applications before huh, i have burned lawns with the best of them..
    for pricing:
    product cost per 1k x 5 = price per 1k
    add $20 on top of that..
    example.. product cost per 1k is $.54 x5= $2.70 for 5k
    charge $3 per 1k, this gives you a weed control variance.
    so $3 x5=15+20= $35 for 5,000sqft.
    measure the lot not turf size..
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    TruBurn..LMAO:laugh: :laugh:

    f350-woohoo on the avatar :angel:
  6. Some of the items have changed, the prices went way down(switched suppliers) and I don't appy strictly at those rates but the pre em app.

    BTW don't go looking for some of these at Lesco don't don't have many of them.

  7. GarPA

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    LGF and F350...thanks guys for the detail...I was a little low on my pricing....appreciate it

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