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Your Shortest-Lived Customer?


LawnSite Gold Member
...and I do mean 'lived'...I recently signed an elderly client for mowing, and he died 2 weeks later. I was wondering where he was, he seemed like the type that would be coming out to chat each week.


LawnSite Silver Member
I had one that died the morning after I met him to sign him up for services. I was going to continue services with his mother, but she was too damn difficult to work with so I didn't feel too bad dumping her.


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Norman, Oklahoma
I had just got a new customer one year(elderly lady) and she said she was so thankful because she had prayed to the lord and there I was. So we agreed on a price and I was to come back the next day to cut the grass. When I arrived someone else was cutting the lawn. I went straight up to the door and asked what was going on. She looked puzzled. I went on to say "Today did the Lord tell you to fire me before I ever started?" She did not say anything so I walked away. Oh well.