Your starter set up, and your set up now

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DirtyDeeds.CS, Mar 6, 2018.

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    I started out with an old 1980 F150 and a 4x8 trailer.
    Today we have 4 2014-2016 F550's 1 2004 F350 (mine) 2 1999 F250 shop trucks, two 7x18 trailers, 1 dump trailer, two open deck 7x16 trailers, that little 4x8 still lol, a mini skid and a skid steer. Hoping to either buy a mini ex or go completely bankrupt and move to an island.

    I really should get a company picture of all this crap some day
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    C1CCBA42-4D90-450C-A60A-ECCDC1E35E03.jpeg 36642BEC-9678-4451-B7B9-58C1EC71A4D0.jpeg I started off with a 54” hustler fast track a 10’ tilt trailer and a gold rusty 1500 1993 chevy. I sold the hustler and got a 60” exmark. My neighbor gave me a john deere 54” lawn tractor so i got a 16’trailer and a 1999 2500 chevy with low miles and my wife started going with me when we got home frome work. I now have a 2002 chevrolet 2500 4x4 2015 scag cheetah and a 2017 scag turf tiger 2 as my main stuff. I still hav e the exmark and john deere as backup. . 496F2A7C-C065-44D8-B3FE-D52A4ADEF689.jpeg


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    Started with a beater truck & trailer & a brand new 48" bobcat WB. Mower lasted 10 years . In those 10 years I blew almost all my profit either fixing that "cheap" truck or buying new "cheap" trucks and blowing my $ fixing those. Used an SUV for a while but w a small trailer it held me back from doing mulch or any work that required hauling away.
    I'm not for big trucks though : besides what you spend on gas : @ tax time a small truck can pay off. Gas mileage write-off for say a 1/2 ton - will deduct almost double what you spent on gas (this only works out if you have very low maintenance). That can add up esp if multiple crews.
    Anyway my setup now (15 years on the side / but went full time 4 years ago) is a Chevy 1500 / a bobcat WB / and a Bobcat Predator Pro. Echo Trimmers & Blowers & Little Wonder. I now buy all equipment new with warranty. Once you are busy it is the ONLY way to go IMO at least for your main equipment. Also don't try to save $ by getting the cheaper will upgrade eventually just do it right from the start instead of screwing around wasting time fixing used & cheap equipment.
  4. LawnInnovationsOmaha

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    Started last year with a 1987 36" Scag belt drive wb on a 4X8 modified motorcycle trailer pulled by a 2001 Ford Ranger. Starting this season with a 2011 36" Scag belt drive, 1998 52"Scag Turf Tiger, on a 6.4X12 Utility Trailer pulled by a 2012 Silverado 1500.
  5. S-205

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    Its really depends on how much money you have to invest but in my opinion the best starter set up is a 6x12 single axle, a 48-60" zero turn, a 36" walk behind and a commercial 21". Any flatbed 3/4 ton with sides to haul debris.

    To me, that sets you up to do a vast majority of jobs and you can work solo with that set up or with a helper. You can use the trailer for mulch and debris or sod. The 3/4 ton even if it's older has the capacity and brakes to haul that easily. This is similar to what I started with.

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