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    Just wondering how you guys got into running dozer, skidloaders, track hoes and so on. I guess mine started at an early age playing with dozers, wheel loaders, and excavators in the sand box. I always liked farming more growing up. I would set for hours watching people work the fields and help around ours at the time small mini farm. I guess how I got into excavating was when I had a waterway put in on my own farm. I got to help out running the 931C crawler loader, old Cat D4 dozer, and Deere 310 backhoe while the expert run the Komatsu dozer. It's funny because just a few years before I bought the farm I told dad I would like to buy a new skid loader (New Holland LS160) and put in drive ways. About five years later I bit the bullet and bought a used Deere skid steer and have learned allot with it. I'm trying to soak up everything I can about excavating. I feel that if you plan to be good at something you got to live and breath it as much as ya can. I have learned allot over the years just by watching and talking to people. Anyway what is your story guys?
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    Growed up running tractor on the farm and hotrod cars on the weekend.Drafted into the Army right out of highschool.

    Got my start as driving tanks,2 1/2 trucks,jeep driver for the Col. Got out of the Army went to work with my brothers on construction as labor.

    Got to get on a scraper working on watershed dams in Neb.,moved on up to twin engine 637 push and pull scrapers on interstate highway jobs.Worked in rock quarrys in the wintertime.

    Decided i wanted to try and buy dozer.Cat saleman lend me the money for the first months rent on a new dozer, on a rental purchase agreement plan back then.

    I worked 24/7 and paid the saleman ,back in a month plus made my rent payment the first month.Things have been going every since.Been a lot of bumps in the road,but after 32 years in busniess for myself and 7 years for others i'm still at it.

    Turned 60 this July,but can still get in and out of trench if the job calls for it.So for you guys that think your just going to get to run equipment the rest of your life and not get into the trenchs.Good luck.
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    was a laborer when i was 15-18...when i went back for the summer between my freshman and sophmore years in college my boss stuck me in the backhoe, watched me, said i had natural talent at running equipment and i've been full time operator since (2 years now)...i've always loved equipment though, from running my buddies farm tractors to digging holes its all good
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    I can still remember this plain as day. I was 4 yrs. old, with my folks at a strawberry farm in La Mirada, California picking strawberries from the field and the farmer there asked if I wanted a ride on his tractor.......rode threw the strawberry field on this guys lap. I guess that was it from what my Dad tells me.
    Every night when he came home from work from then on, we had to go to a construction site and sit on all the equipment and I would make engine noises and pretend to run the equipment.......Then, being the little helper I was, I would pull up all these sticks of wood with numbers and ribbons on them and put them in a neat pile next to the machines.........Guess it has been in my blood since day one........To this day, if there are kids around.....we will stop and get into a safe area, and give them rides on the equipment for a couple minutes or so if their parents agree and are there to supervise. I always think in the back of my head that in some small way, we may be giving someone a chance to dream a bigger dream or be better than they might have been.....ya just never know.
    So now, I am catching up on Constructo in age...........and I can't imagine doing anything different (that's on a good day though!).
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    It all started in the sandbox for me. I started driving tractors on the farm at the age of 8 and did that all through high school. My grandpa started me young, it really skipped a generation, I'm more like my 'pa than I am my dad. Growing up in the small town that I did, all the excavation guys knew who I was. I would routinely ride my bike miles to go watch a guy for a couple hours. I was on a 200 Hitachi at the age of 11, I was hooked then. Since then I've rented skid steers and minis to do jobs for lawn maintenance customers I had through high school and my junior year in high school was when my dad started landscaping. From there, it's just been one job to the next, one machine to the next. Now I'm running just about everything except for scrapers and graders, but hopefully my union apprenticeship will turn that around for me next spring.
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    My dad's dad ran a dump truck service; I never met him, but that's probably where I got it. I always liked machines growing up, and always stopped to watch one if I saw one. A buddy in grade school was the son of a guy who ran a fair sized dirt work outfit, and sometimes we would walk over to the yard after school. Went to work for the Navy for a couple years and learned a lot about mechanical stuff. Got out and got a cdl, thinking I would make that big money over the road, but the only folks that wanted to hire me was that buddy's dad's construction co. They ended up putting me on the asphalt crew; they needed a cdl driver to drive the crew cab. Ran a steam roller a lot that first year, then a tri-axle, but every chance I got I would try to jump on a piece of equipment.
    Had to get better paying work when I got married and started having kids, but always wanted to get back into construction. Eventually took the plunge, bought a used skid steer and ran it nights and weekends, then quit my day job and got a night job so I could do loader work mornings and weekends. Recently quit the night job and am now full time on a new ctl (which is currently sitting in the driveway getting rained on!) I dream all the time about what machines I want to add next, but I can't imagine ever doing anything else.
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    My first memory of any type of construction equipment was toy Bobcat given to me as a very young child. From then on it seems like I was hooked. As a young child I bought all the die-cast models of different types of equipment, riding my bike to every construction site around my house when I wasn't playing with them. A friend of our family owns the Cat dealership in Knoxville, so I still to this day go to the lot and run every type of equipment they have. In high school I started my own mowing and landscaping business, still enthralled by any type of equipment. Selling all the equipment and business about two months ago when I left for college, I am hoping to save some of this money for my first equipment purchase down the road. I am currently a Building Science major at Auburn, hopefully using this four years of construction classes to eventually start my own business.
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    War Eagle.

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