Your Thoughts on a New Handheld Blower from Tanaka

Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by Tanaka, May 2, 2006.

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    Let's change the subject from backpack blower recalls and talk about handheld blowers for a bit. Tanaka is gearing up for two new 2-stroke handheld blowers and we want your input.

    If you were in charge, what would the next Tanaka PRO handheld blower look, weigh, and perform like?

  2. Jaeger

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    Dear Mark

    I have your handheld model. Nice machine. Being a Mechanical Design Engineer ( No real bearing),
    What I would change:

    1) Rubberized hand grip area. Thick stuff.
    2) Better bottom structure for stability and in ground starting.
    3) Perhaps a "Easy Start" system, similar to Echo,s i-start series.
    4) Nicer design than these generic boxy looks, yet still serve cooling, access functions. I could help! Stihl takes a novel design concept in their BH85.

    Constructive only. Nice quality machine overall and inside engine mechanicals.

    Take Care
  3. pugs

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    I have a few commercial customers using them. None of them has complained about it but I notice that the tubes get kinda floppy at the connections at the end and in the middle. I know they are tight as heck when I assemble them. It would be nice if they stayed that way. They dont have trouble with them falling off but it just looks sloppy to me.

    The other big thing I would do is add a trigger lock so you can lock it at full speed and not have to hold the trigger all day.

    Jaeger: I think they have an easy start system...however it does not come standard on many products. I dunno if its available on the blower or not but I know you can get replacement ones for the string trimmers and hedge trimmers. It looks like they call it "S-Start".

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