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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by LGL, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. LGL

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    Profile hasn't been updated, I have since added a 60 inch Laser and a 7x14 enclosed. We work about 40hrs.
  2. Patriot Services

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    Every one of my 32 Bahia accounts are year round biweekly and non irrigated. Winter time may be one cut and light cleanup but still gets two visits per month. I have them split pretty even so two of those types actually add up to more money per month than I can get for a weekly, irrigated, mow only SA yard. Not ugly weed patches just not the nicest yards in town.:usflag:
  3. Landscape Poet

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    I have a couple of nice Bahia lawns that are fine and look you said ...the money is better. The will start slowing down about the middle of next month but getting the hell beat out of me right now with the regular afternoon rains. I enjoy bahia that is well taken care of because of the profit % vs SA as I generally will not cut and if the PCO is doing his job...little weeds to grow up and make it appear that it needs cut during many of the winter months.

    I have learned to love Bahia in many ways...from a profit stand point.
  4. I don't mind nice Bahia. BUT I have NEVER seen it. The ones I had in the past were weed patches.
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  5. Keith

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    I just got a request for a quote on 3 acres of it. I haven't mowed a single lawn that size in years. It's actually a 10 acre property, but around 6 1/2 are woodland. And the house and barns probably take up a 1/2 acre. They had horses at one time. But it's just a huge lawn now, kind of broken up.

    I've probably haven't mowed 3 acres of the bahia total all of this year. I don't even have a mower that doesn't have a mulch kit installed right now :D I feel like a rookie with this one.
  6. I wouldn't mind landing something like that around here...there's some homes here with acres of Bahia, and hybrid Bermuda or zoysia around the house cut with a reel and nice landscaping....they fetch a pretty penny. I would def not mulch Bahia. Throw a set of G6's on and you bid properties like that by the acre?? Do they want weekly in summer and EOW in winter?
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  7. Keith

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    I believe I am going to price it year-round based on cutting weekly from about the 2nd week in May through Sept, bi-weekly March..April..Oct, monthly Nov-Feb. It's not an estate. It's just a former, non-irrigated pasture with a house and some barns. It is all Argentine though. Well, maybe a patch or two of Pensacola.The only other work there is about 45 minutes of trimming. It's got about a 1/4 mile of fence to trim.

    Kind of tricky pricing this one out compared to my average 5-30k sf lawn.
  8. That's funny...that's exactly the schedule I used to cut Bahia. If we had a freeze or near freeze, I could stretch out every 6-8 weeks or so. I would go bi-weekly starting oct 1, and start EOW in march again. You guys get colder than here, so I'm surprised your schedule is same as mine was.
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  9. Keith

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    Bahia generally just stalls after you have a couple nights in the 40's and the nighttime humidity fades in the fall. The time frame is probably closer for bahia between central and south Florida than other grasses. You might have a little more growth in April, but I bet it's not much different.

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