Your tips and tricks on using Tenacity...? Wild Violet..?

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    I'm using this for spot spray only in backpack for a wild violet infested lawn.

    Few weeks back I hit this lawn spot spray at max rate with an herbicide containing triclopyr and the result was only a slight curling and browning.

    Looks like all the wild violet will recover.

    Is tenacity picky as to which Surfactant is used....?
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    There is no such thing as a one shot kill on perennial weeds. All that high rate of triclopyr did was singe off the leaves. I know. I deal with grassy weeds that are supposedly annual, but have been there since I graduated high school. I can kill them selectively over a 60-90 day period. Tenacity is best used at low rates and repeated applications. 4 oz applied 3 times over 6 weeks is a lot better than 8 oz applied once. It is a little picky about surfactant rates. Everything is about measuring rather than guessing with this one. If your style is to count the number of glugs from the jug, there can be problems. Combining a moderate rate of triclopyr with Tenacity can reduce the white discoloration of treated vegetation and enhance weed control.
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    Bingo. Most herbicides work by starving the plant so the longer you can keep the product on the better It works.
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    High rates that burn off the leaves quickly keep the weed from translocating product to the roots. The customers need to be educated on this and your business model has to reflect this. I am not selling applications per year, I am selling a green lawn without weeds.
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    Excellent approach but since I only spot spray it is a slower battle. For my package rate clients who don't pick apart my programs and agree to correct cultural practices I will will do my best to chase the weeds out.

    Thanks for the above tip about mixing with triclo..." How does it mid with 2,4 D also piled in the mix.

    I'm super strict about measuring fwiw. I was told by.the salesman it would take 3 consecutive hits to knock it down.

    Also this is a lawn I'm also spot and over seeding this next is it on burning new sprouts of cool season grasses. I really can put off the seeding any longer. Mid April is my city off date for most Spring seedings.
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    Cool season lawn grasses are supposedly very tolerant. In fact, this is the product that can be used as a preemergent during seeding or shortly thereafter. The difference between a tolerant grass that might turn a little white and a susceptible weed is in metabolism. The weed is unable to metabolize the mesotrione and continues to have its chlorophyll destroyed. If I had to deal with a seeded lawn in the North, this would be broadcast applied after seeding. Otherwise, the crabgrass and broadleaves would eat you alive. Mesotrione is also sold as Callisto to farmers as a preemergent for corn. In established grass, that effect is not as pronounced because the sod keeps the active ingredient from contacting the soil.

    Tenacity mixes fine with broadleaf herbicide. A double hit if you will. In my state, I am allowed to apply to established bermuda. One customer had an area with a combination of goosegrass and some pretty tall pigweed. 4 oz Tenacity, 1/2 lb 2,4-D weeds are down after 7 days. Be careful about 2,4-D based products if you want to seed after. It can affect grass seed. The Speedzone Southern formulation with its low rate of 2,4-D allows seeding after 7 days.
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    i like turflon ester on wild violets
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    What about drive?
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