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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Compton, May 6, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    1986 D-250 carbureted 318ci automatic with 130k miles, bare basic truck, the horn, heat and wipers work far as accessories.
    You can turn the radio knobs and push the buttons for your amusement, and it has an aftermarket dashboard fan for keeping things cool when it sits in the sun, also a most excellent 2-45 air conditioning system... Oh and watch for the hole in the floor.
    Most recently the PRND21 needle broke, also to clean the windshield you first spray it with windex, then activate the wipers.
    About once / year you need to treat the windshield with Rain-X because after prolonged rain, the wipers stop working.

    Gets ~15mpg loaded but I got a real light foot on the throttle.
    Accelerates nicely from 15 to 20mph or so when going downhill with backwind.

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    Many will get a truck that makes them feel good or even make up for "short" comings. Your best bet is to buy a truck that makes your wallet happy. If all your doing is cutting grass, a small 1/2 ton truck with a 6 cyl is all you need. It will easily pull any 6x12 trailer which is what most have anyway. Not sure if you noticed but gas is over $3.00 again. If you are doing big properties where you need 3-4 mowers at once, maybe a 3/4 ton with diesel but 2x4 for sure, no frills.
    Ford guys will dispute this but they break down.
    Chevy guys will dispute this but they break down.
    Dodge guys will dispute this but they break down.
    And most of the time they all work well.
    Get the cheapest truck you can buy, and the cheapest to operate. (and I am not saying buy junk- I would buy new- just a cheap one)
  3. Chicksdme2

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    yea I have a 95' silverado 1500 with about 160000 on it. This is my 4th year pullin with it and have yet to have a single problem. I pull a 12 foot open single axle. While it may lack just a bit in the power department, it gets the job done easily. Never a single problem, but I change the oil every 2500 and keep everything in good shape.
  4. 03silvers

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    99 jeep cherokee....pulls a 6x14 no problem...brakes arent the best with a heavy load but i also get 17mpg :)
  5. SWD

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    Unfortunately, my decals consist of a large logo background with ancilliary information superimposed. I really don't want to try this as a DIY thing.
    I have noticed, that since moving south, the professionalism/quality I took for granted was definately not in evidence around where I'm at now.:(
  6. lowballer17

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    2003 Jeep Wrangler
    2.4 liter 4 banger, 5 speed, 4:10 gears
  7. Horsepower Lawns

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  8. jlohouston

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    I have a 1995 Z71 - At 170,000 had the motor re-built and the transmission rebuilt..... I pull a 5X10 w/ no problem..

  9. eight1seven

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    i have a 1993 chevy short bed v8 (auto)not the best in gas but alot of power i replaced the motor when it hit 257k it was still in working condition it was time/ so ther u go think about it?
  10. topsites

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    Man... For many years I have heard the 1/2 ton develops transmission problems when hauling heavy loads. It isn't everyday, but there are times I load up to 4 thousand pounds on my trailer for a combined weight of around 5k, add to that the stuff in the bed of the truck (with the toolbox and the truckbox) and suddenly the truck has to pull close to 6 thousand pounds over empty.

    There are also times I tow my car with it, on a dolly I can take a disabled vehicle of mine to any mechanic and drop it off for repair, saves me the tow truck fee and also I don't need a ride...

    Even with the D-250 3/4 ton the transmission suffers, I have to take it real easy on the gas or it develops a handfull of shavings inside the pan between trans-fluid changes. But I can also tell the 3/4 ton is geared more like a real truck, it has more torque.

    My friend used to replace a clutch on a 1/2 ton manual every 3-4, maybe 6 months in between and it was gone, everytime.

    So, you guys with the 1/2 ton can pull as much as you want and never have a problem?

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