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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Nov 13, 2007.

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    There were several people wondering about Generac's involvement with the Vanguard engine, here it is.

    Hello Reid

    As we were discussing, the original Vanguard twin cylinder engine did originate at Generac, but it was an L-head engine of fairly raw design. Generac came to B&S in the mid 1980's to ask us to develop, test and build the engine for their use. Their thinking was that B&S was better equipped to refine the design, do the development work, tool the parts, and build the engine. And since we have a broad customer base, we could sell higher volumes to bring the price down.

    So Generac did provide the initial thrust for this engine. Also they introduced B&S to Daihatsu, which is the Japanese partner that formed the DBS joint venture with B&S. But Generac was never part of the DBS joint venture.

    The DBS joint venture builds the Vanguard engines in Omihachiman, Japan. B&S has their own small staff of Japanese engineers there, apart from the production people. These are very good engineers who have contributed to the design of the Vanguard engines over the years, primarily under B&S direction. They are currently focused on sourcing parts and working with suppliers and the DBS manufacturing engineers.

    The big block Vanguard engines, air cooled and liquid cooled, were designed and developed here in Milwaukee by B&S Vanguard staff. There was some design input from our DBS engineers, and also from the DBS manufacturing people, but B&S did the bulk of the design, development and testing work, especially on the air cooled versions. There was no input from Generac for the Vanguard big block engines.

    The three cylinder liquid cooled Vanguard engines were designed by Diahatsu. They are built by the DBS joint venture.

    Generac does have their own twin cylinder engine, but it has no relation to the Vanguard engines.

    Hope that helps.

    Pat Bruener

    Vanguard Engineering, Milwaukee
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    Thanks Puppypaws, Hey your building is looking great, it is overbuilt to say the least. Thanks to the government regs no doubt. Hey one more post to reach 2,000 for you. Congratulations
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    I hadn't noticed but since you mentioned it, you and I both starting playing this game close to the same time.

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