Your wife does she help?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nelski, Feb 12, 2000.

  1. nelski

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    My wife is the back bone of my company. She holds down a full time job and still does all books and billing and payroll. She even figured out quickbooks for me. Don't know what I would do with out her! Hey guys don't forget about VALENTINE'S DAY!!!<p>----------<br>royce nelson<br>
  2. dylan

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    hm... My girlfriend does not like the heat, sun, dirt, mowers, noise... Not much of lawnmower lady. She does enjoy spending the money I earn. <br>Seriously though, she is very supportive of my business and helps when she can. I like to bring her along on the route to chat with customers. (leaves me free to get the work done) She will pitch in, if I'm in a pinch to get something done. <br>Thanks for the reminder about valentine's day. Now...if only you guys could remind me about the birthdays and aniversaries :)<p>----------<br>Dylan<br>E Ontario
  3. lawnnut

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    I tried to convince my wife how hot she would<br>look with a backpack on.<br>She didn't go for it though.<br>
  4. nelski

    nelski LawnSite Member
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    Hey lawnnut I hope my wife likes her new spray boots she getting for valentins day. And I am going to like sleeping in the dog house.YA Right
  5. HOMER

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    My wife helps, she mainly mows because she has had surgery on her knees, she also keeps up with all the reciepts and tax related stuff. She would rather be doing something else, I'm sure, but for the time being as we grow and establish ourselves, she has been helping. I don't have to pay her a salary or maintain w/c ins. so it saves us money for now. I don't know what I would do without her!<p>Nuff said,<p>Homer
  6. yardsmith

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    from Ohio
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    score 1 for the ladies-<br>my wife has been a major help to my business since the 2nd year of operation.<br>She enjoys riding the Z while I use the WB or whatever else I need on the lawn. She even worked during her 2 pregnancies with our boys up until month 7 or 8. No, we didn't have any prob.'s with the births; actually it helped make for easier deliveries with the exercise. She was grateful, as we had big babies.<br>Now she does more of the paperwork/billing type of thing. <br>I couldn't have gotten where I am today with out her;& she's a harder worker than anyone I could hire. Also it's nice keeping the $$ in the family, too. Plus where's she gonna find a job with all the added benefits like that & make $10 an hour? It's hard enuf for a guy in a factory to make much more than that.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
  7. I find it completely appalling that any of you “men”? need to<br>employ your wife in ANY fashion in your business.<p>To subject your wife to the rigors, danger, heat, humidity, back injuries<br>caused by operating ZTRs, and pesticide toxicity shows that you have<br>no respect for the woman you love.<p>Your wife should be home raising your children and making your home comfortable<br>when your return for the rigors of YOUR working day.<p>If you cannot afford a $75/day laborer to help you should reevaluate<br>your business plan, consider the sell off of your equipment and go back<br>to work for wages.<p>Since Valentines Day is tomorrow I suggest you go down to the auto parts<br>store and buy a $10.00-12 volt fan to attach it to the walk behind she operates.<br>It’s obvious you can’t afford to buy her a diamond tennis bracelet.<br>
  8. southside

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    Lawrence,I think maybe you are being a little harsh.Over here husband/wife teams<br>are very common.Women operators on the whole<br>tend to have more attention to detail than many male operators in my employ.Women also<br>seem to be gentler on the equipment and<br>not drive around at rip,**** or bust pace.<br>(please excuse my french):) Many contractors<br>would not survive their early years if not<br>for their wives,family,ect pitching in.<br>Also my experience in the Australian Army<br>has shown me that many women cope better<br>with harsh working environments than many<br>so called &quot;men&quot; I have come across.<br>Just my 2 cents worth.<p>Karl<p>
  9. HOMER

    HOMER LawnSite Gold Member
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    Thats alright, I'm sure he's probably jealous that any man's wife would consider helping him out in the early years. I'm also pretty sure he has been through wives like he has customers with his nasty attitude! If I owned a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and supper, don't you think she would be there too? One thing about mowing grass, when the sun goes down we're through for the day! I know a man that owns a restaurant, he has no, not a dab , of a family life. He never takes off to be with his family and yes, his wife is left to deal with everything! Hows that for a stay at home wife. My wife and I get along better now than we probably ever have. She understands how difficult things are and if she wanted, she can quit anytime.<p>When we are gonna have a light day she stays at home, when the kids are sick, she stays at home, if the kids need to go somewhere, she stays at home, if I'm tired of eating out, she stays at home and prepares the best roast beef dinner a man could want.<p>As I stated, she RIDES on a DIXIE CHOPPER when she HELPS me. Since you are accustomed to WALKING while you mow I can see you wouldn't understand how EASY it is to RIDE for a day. Sure it gets hot and dusty, but it beats WALKING ALL DAY! She chose to help, she can choose to work elsewhere, she can choose to stay at HOME!<p>Unlike others in the world, she is not being made to do anything..............she made a choice to help the man she LOVES.........<p>Now ain't that sweet. You oughta try it sometime Lawrence(STONE AGE) Stone.<p>See ya'll, and kiss the women you love on Valentines Day. She sure does her part to keep a marriage strong. It will be 20 years for me in June. I wonder if everone else can say that, can you Larryawrence?
  10. NeilG

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    Hey Homer. I can beat that by two years.. We will have been married 22 in June. Does my wife help? You bet she does. While I have been trying to get her to let me adjust the straps on my backpack sprayer, so she can spot spray weeds, (haven't been successful up to this point) She handles all the paperwork related stuff. Is a PRO at Quickbooks, makes sure that everyone pays their bills (and that we pay ours) Plus runs the House and cuts our grass. (Thank goodness) this forum isn't long enough to mention all of the things that she does for me and our kids. <br>Nuff said!

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