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  1. humble1

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    I see so many people offer a "x" number anaylasis? What do you cover in yours and provide to customer.
  2. Rayholio

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    I used to offer a 'custom lawn analysis' and I don't anymore.. turns out that customers don't want to see all the problems with their lawn on paper.. + it takes too long to do..

    It was replaced with a more customer oriented system... I talk to the customer, and ask them what they're looking for... then I idenify the major problem(s) in the way of their goals.. and put together a plan to remody the problems.. a state performed soil test is taken with the 1st treatment

    Why is this better?

    It opens communications in a 2 way capacity, immediately identifys you as a person who actually cares with the customer, It also sets you up with the customers expectations.. so you're not flying blind.. and lastly it sets you up for a sale of additional services.

    They're calling you because they care about their lawn.. not because they want to be told how much they don't really care.

    a 15 point analysis just says "your lawn sucks in the areas indicated" It's one way communication. The customer is handed the 'lawn analysis' and is immediately on the defense.. "hmm... I have weeds, color could be better, Grubs in the back yard, improperly mowed, and a turf disease went untreated.. I must really suck"

    The other problem is that your analysis will be thrown out.. your report has no future value..

    The soil test then provides chemistry data.. not opinion.. the difference means a lot to a brand-new customer..
    my personal notes may include the nitty gritty.. but the problems are always brought up one at a time, very delicately, and with a solution.
  3. ted putnam

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    You have brought up some very good points. However, I also think some other things need to be considered. Most prospective customers are not at home when I give the estimate. I include all measurements on my analysis along with notes about what they're doing right as well as wrong. This helps them understand how I came up with their price. Most of the time they know they have a lousy lawn. That's why they called me in the first place, so they rarely take offense. I just point out the things that are wrong and try to make suggestions on how they can make them right. Because they aren't usually home, they have that copy when they get home to look at and discuss before I call them back.That's when the tact and 2 way communication comes in.I've had numerous customers pull out their original estimate years after when I've had to do something like remeasure.I think you might be surprised at how many do keep them. My copy also gives me vital information and notes that I can reference at a later date. Lastly, if they are at home they do not want to feel like you were in a hurry to get out of there. These are the reasons I will continue to do my lawn analysis. JMO's
  4. Rayholio

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    I guess it's just a different philosphy, I'd say that about 3% of my customers get a note on their door.. I always want to meet them in person, so that I can take a consultative sales approach.. Which is what I learned working for motorolla 2-way.. LOL... How ironic..

    Mother Moto taught that an unrepresented quote is only worth the price written on it, as it may well be the only part that meets the customers eyes if they don't like it.. which was a problem, because moto is expensive... and I didn't discount
  5. ted putnam

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    Don't get me wrong. I like meeting my prospective customers.I usually don't have a problem meeting them if they are home or request it. I always ring the doorbell. I know some companies that hang it on the door and run. It's just the vast majority my prospects work during the day. 2 income households. I could do all of my estimates after say 5pm, but I'm not willing to do that. I'd rather be home around that time, see my family, eat supper and make a few call backs early in the evening. I can't always do that. Some will request to meet me after 5 and I do it. I just don't do it regularly. And, for me anyway, a short note on their door isn't enough. That's why I leave the lawn analysis. More professional. JMO. Whatever works best for you and your situation.
  6. (wi) Roots

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    I give a through analysis of what kind of : Lawn Type, Problem Grassy weeds, Broadleaf weeds, Insects, Diseases, Additional Lawn Problems, Lawn Conditions, Lawn Maintenance Practices, A Lawn Program Outline and A Lawn Care Price Per Application (in sq.ft.) Not only dose this state what I find but I have and area where I can write my specification on what can be done on the custom program.
  7. garydale

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    We still use the free analysis and have had to go back to it to show clients that:
    -You were told their was no control for....
    -That it takes repeated appl. on some weeds
    -That you must overseed for improvement
    -That you need to kill it off and reseed.
    -You were advised to raise mower height

    With all the data in the files you will know where to push specific issues.

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