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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Tea to Green, May 5, 2004.

  1. Tea to Green

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    I just went out and bought a Lesco backpack sprayer, that I was going to use for spot apps of pre and post emergents. The adjustable nozzle that came with the sprayer will work great for that. The problem I have is with the fan nozzle that came with it. I was calibrating the sprayer yesterday and did a spray test on my driveway with the fan tip in. I couldn't believe how uneven the spray pattern was. Most of the water was concentrated at the outer edges of the fan spray pattern. The outer edges got wet almost right away and the middle part of the spray pattern took a while to get wet enough to even show you that water was being sprayed there. I'm getting an itch to mix up one of Tremors' Primo cocktails, so that I can spray my lawn, but I'm worried that the application will be too inconsistant for good results. I'd have to walk so slow to make sure I was putting down enough product per M, that it would take for ever.

    Is there anotherfan tip out there that would solve this problem for me guys? Just so you know. I have the sprayer set on 15 psi. Thanks in advace.
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    is it a plastic fan tip?? I've found that the plastic tips are junk. Store it in a place that gets hot and the tip can distort itself causing all sorts of crazy patterns.

    Or, maybe a small peice of crud got stuck in it?

    Anyway, try a brass tip, in my opinion its the only way to go
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    Tea to Green

    And hence your problem. 15 PSI is just a little too low a PSI to make your tip spray right. Try 25 PSI and see if it doesn't improve your pattern. Then in crease the PSI until your pattern is correct. Yes I will be the first to preach high volume low pressure for larger droplets and less drift.
  4. Tea to Green

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    You're right. It's a plastic tip that came with the sprayer. It's new, it's not distorted. I'm going to throw that tip in the trash and find a place to buy a brass fan tip. Any recommendations on where I should look?
  5. Tea to Green

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    I'm going to try that. That makes sense. I'm sure that since the tip will be so close to the ground that I won't have too much trouble with drift.

    I read that some of you guys turn the spray wand upside down (Tremors said he does this when he applies Primo). Is that for the sole purpose of widening the spray pattern of the backpack sprayer?

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