Yucca Pruning

Gene $immons

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I have a property that has several Adam's Needle - Yucca filamentosa plants that are getting too large for the area they were planted in.

I almost need to take a chainsaw to them for the amount of pruning that needs to be done to get them down to a nice little stump.

Question: Will new leaf shoots arise after the butcher job?



AL Inc

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Long Island, NY
Gene- yes, they will come back. I've even tried digging them out and even then they grew back from a small piece of root that was left.


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som/hunt, NJ
yes those things grow. i have pulled them out, let them sit all summer out of dirt then planted them they are still living. they are very hardy. all they need to grow is that little root ball just above the surface to live. last summer i had a job to pull out about 12 of these yucca plants. i started pulling the smaller ones by hand. then one wouldnt pull out easily, finally it snapped. lets just say 7 pins, a metal plate and three months of physical therapy for my broken leg taught me a lesson with these stubborn plants. just thought id share that with you. every time i see the word YUCCA i get chills. good luck.


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About 2 years ago we did a landscape install job. Pulled about 10 large yuccas that were in the area. planted all new landscaping.....a month later the yuccas were back.....I discoverd that one tiny peice of root left in the ground with sprout a new yucca all over the again. I have tried every chemical I can think of....hand removal. I can not get rid of these things. For the past 2 years I have been hand weeding them about every 2 weeks...


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Use a utility knife/razor blade to trim. Don't knock the Yucca. En Tucson,Az Yucca es muy bien!

The Captain

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Metro St.Louis
I work in the midwest, near St. Louis. One of my cutomers has ask me to "get rid" of 10-12 yuccas. Experiance from my own property tells me this will not be easy.

Question: After digging/cutting/removal of the plant, should I use a herbicide on the soil (roots) remaining in the hole, backfilling and using a double layer of weed barrier. Nothing else will be planted here. Do you think I'll have serious regrowth that I (or the property owner) can't control with something like Roundup?

Just exploring the possible solutions.......Jim


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I haven't dealt with Yucca, but I'm starting to consider the viability of low-yield nuclear warheads for dealing with certain creeping plants.

You know, when you've tried everything else, just drop a little mini-nuke in there and run. Duck and cover, and its done, no more weeds for about 6000 years. That's way better than the 9 months you'll get from some other chemicals.

I bet the damned EPA wouldn't go for it though. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

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