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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RookieLandscaper, Apr 3, 2007.

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    My neighbor just asked to remove two "stalks" of her yucca. Each is about 12 feet high and very healthy. (She wants them removed before they fall over on her house). The plant is next to her house without a lot of space to manuever. HOW do I do it and what tools should I use? Also, what is the normal charge for this?

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    Welcome to the site. You probably already know how sharp the points are on these plants - painful to the skin , dangerous to the eyes . Wear gloves and eye protection . When I remove one I use an ax to chop the plant at or near ground level , fairly soft trunk. After it falls , you can drag it by the large end and stay away from the points. You then can dig up the root so that it doesn't grow back. Shouldn't take over 30 minutes to do it.
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    Great advice. Thanks! Big problem I have is there is so much cacti she wants to keep that I cant get to the bottom. We'll see how the rookie does tomorrow morning. I'll let you know if I visit the hospital.
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    I'd say that they are beautiful--if they gotta go--a technique that I use is to take a rope, tie it off to the plant; walk around it--staying away from the prickley frawns-- many times tightening it up,pulling the leaves upwards until you can get to the base. We have a saws--all with the long 10" blade for pruning which cuts it off rather quickly. Just cut about 3/4 through like falling a tree and get out from under it. Use the rope to fall it. give it a good burial--grind into mulch so that its life will contiinue to do some good. Dig out the root. Give it a shot of Round-up.
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    I removed Yucca's three years ago...roots and all (i thought) and each year they come back. Roundup doesn't even seem to slow them down!! Make sure you get all of the roots, they have an extensive root system. Good Luck!!

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