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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by WannabeGreen, Mar 29, 2005.

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    ... stumbled upon the Forum, so be gentle :help:

    Been reading about, what else, weeds & crabgrass. Plan to do a soil sample to get tested, but would like any tips ASAP to prevent as much damage either I could do or the weather since it's starting to stay in the 70's now here in Charlotte NC.

    The only thing I did last year was Scotts Crabgrass and SummerGuard, wonder if those did any good or was a waste of $. Here's a couple pics, please let me know if closer up is needed to ID the grass/weed type for any advice. Either what little grass there is starting to grow or weeds taking over again and will probably need to mow 1-2 weeks. Should I do anything now, put down Crabgrass preventor or spray for all types of weeds like Weed B Gon or wait?

    Thanks in advance for any help!





  2. T Edwards

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    I see poa annua and crabgrass. The poa annua will die back around the middle of May when it starts really warming up. What kind of grass do you have that's still dormant?
  3. WannabeGreen

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    thanks for the reply. honestly I have no idea what type of grass I have. I've looked at pics of all types on the net and I can't really tell one from another, not sure if this is because my lawn is about half (if not more) weeds right now... so when I look at weed killers like weed B Gon and the different versions say kills either 200-250 kinds of weeds and the max. one also could damage certain types of lawns I'm cautious.

    neighbors have started to mow already so I'll be tempted to within the next 1-2 weeks and wondering if I should either spray or lay down some type of product 1st or let it go a while?
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    OH my god!LOL you don't need to fix that lawn you need to replace it.It will never look good no matter how many chemicals you apply.Rip it out or don't water and allow it to die.Or cover with clear plastic and hold down the edges with rocks or 2by4's and let it fry this summer.Remove it and install sod or amend with alot a whole lot of weedless compost and till in and reseed.If you sod use a pre-emergent for weeds first..Scott's can't work miracles like it leads peaple to beleive.. Good luck you can go ahead and kill the weeds but there won't be much left when your done and will fill the soil so full of killer you'll have a problem seeding.
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    There is a "frog eye" left of center in the first shot, and once you see that it certainly gives you the impression that this lawn has an infection of necrotic ring spot/summer patch. All of the other weeds that you see are opportunistic - they are invading because the lawn is sick. The bottom line is to reseed the lawn with a mixture that will afford you genetic resistance to this disease complex. Find a good landscaper or lawn care company in the area. There are many different diseases that affect turf, most are mild and the lawn recovers on it own. Some, however, are serious and require that you throw in the towel.

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