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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ccorts, May 13, 2002.

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    As a small lawn and landscape business owner, can I expect to get any price breaks from the Z dealers? They indicate to me that they are taking X% off msrp, but who pays that anyway? I have reason to believe that anyone could walk in and negotiate the same price as my "business" quote. Any thoughts on this? I posted this in another forum, but I do not know where it went!!
  2. swn

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    Just guessing (I don't know for sure) you are probably right that he is not giving you much of a discount. I think you would have to buy quite a bit of stuff before he would kick in an extra discount.
  3. Catcher

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    just operating a lawncare business doesn't qualify you for massive discounts; afterall - that's the dealers customer-base, yes?
    However, I like finding dealers that carry everything I want versus having to purchase items at 3 or more different locations.
    This way you build an ongoing relationship with the people which are usually followed by discounts, rebates and preferred treatment, such as letting you know first when he gets a good deal on a trade in or speeding up the service when you bring your stuff in.
    It's a two way relationship.

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