Z glides?


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They take about 20 minutes to install. Jack up, take wheels off, unbolt spindles, put new ones in. Put tires on and roll.
Nope, don't scalp, don't notice difference. Four sets are on 72" decks, other is 60"


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South Dakota
I have a set for sale, sold my extra mower and the guy did not want them. Only used them for two weeks than sold the mower. Looking to get $350 for them.

Shayne Anderson

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Money well spent, for the money they cost, they ad considerably to the comfort level of the ride. --and they'll fit all z9?? series z turns. So if you update or upgrade they'll switch from one to other. with the design of them, they may in time get laxed and sag a little, but they have a second wheel axle hole in them to lift the front end some and minimize scalping. If you're harsh going from forward to reverse you can see some scalping if all the conditions are right. (Slight hump in the ground under machine when changing direction, gong down hill and more of machine weight is already on front wheels).ol shayner

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