Z Master or Walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Aug 29, 2000.

  1. Scag48

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    Well, I'm thinking about a ZTR for next year. Stopped at a dealer today. They had Toro, Exmark, Snapper, Exmark, Stealth, and Walker. They didn't have any Lazer Z's in stock so I checked out the Toro's and the Walker. I liked the controls on the Walkers because they required little effort to move them. I also liked the speed control lever. I only mulch so thought that the Walker would be a good choice but they're so expensive and I don't know how well they mulch. In this case, Toro has a bagger and mulcher in one deck and has those nice controls between your legs. But the smaller Z's are less expensive. What would be the best choice financialy and productively? Info appreciated.
  2. yardsmith

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    read the current post about the same topic.
  3. Lawnworks

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    Walker blows. It would dive me crazy mowing at 5 mph, but even w/ a speed up kit your only going 7.5 mph. Get a Lazer Z that goes 9.5 mph.

  4. landscaper3

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    There both nice machines, we have 2 toros and 2 walkers we bag up here in Maine plus spring and fall cleanups, walkers are the best for our company due too the superor bagging but during dischage jobs we sometimes use our 52" toros. It all depends on your type of location ( we are purchasing onother walker mower for 2001 )
  5. GriffithLawnCare

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    Don't buy Toro's version of the Walker, the 325 or the 355, 48" outfront guardian recycler bagger,
    Poor cut quality, doesn't come close to Walker!
    I just sold mine, best thing I've done!
    Going to buy a Walker, soon as I find a good deal.
    I'm happy with my other Toro equipment, just stay away from the 325 or 355!
  6. Kent Lawns

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    You're exactly right, that's because it's not a Toro.

    The Z-Master 100 & 200 is an Exmark (that Toro bought) and the Z-Master 300 is a Wheelhorse (that Toro bought)

    Exmark has a better history of designing commercial lawn mowers than Wheelhorse and it shows.
  7. jeffyr

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    Are you serious this time Scag ?

    How is the blower working out ? did you go with the Stihl ?

  8. earthtrends

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    hey griffith how's business in greensboro? Winston salem here.
  9. Lawn Cops

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    I vote to go with the Toro. I currently have a Walker and really am getting tired of bagging everything with it when my walk behind mulches very well.. I am actually trying to buy another bigger walk behind or a ZTR like a Toro, Exmark, Bad Boy etc for my larger properties so i can do them faster and mulch them. From what I have seen I am not impressed with Walkers mulching decks but you can not say any thing bad about their cut or bagging. Im trying to figure out wheter to sell or the Walker....its great for picking up leaves after you mulch them in the fall....it is slow and parts are expensive.
  10. PLM-1

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    wow...this is an old one brought back from the dead!

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