Z-master to big for her lawn!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Greenguy1, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Greenguy1

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    I just lost an account that I had for several years because she said that my equip. was tearing up her lawn Toro 62"Z and Exmark 60" they do tear a little in sparse turf but won't anything that is zero turn? maybe I should get walk behinds? I told her I would look into getting smaller equip. she said she allready has someone else to do it... A couple, the wife also is her cleaning lady,,,, her hubby will "mow." How will the professional Lawn care owner make it in these times? I don't see it ever changing course unless we as professional LCO's fight back together!!! Of course she still wants us to do her fall and spring clean-up,,,,, sure will$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  2. d&rlawncare

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    Ill take one of those mowers off your hand!!!!!
  3. barnard

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    Instead of getting walk behinds get another customer.
  4. fiveoboy01

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    I dunno what all this talk about "fighting back" is, but WERE you tearing the turf? You should be able to mow with a Z without tearing the turf if you're turning correctly.
  5. GFTC

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    I switched to using a walkbehind on quite a few of my accounts instead of the 60" Z because the lawns just looked like crap and compaction became a big issue on smaller lawns. How big was her property?
  6. Liquidfast

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    There were more than one reason this POS customer dropped you. If you offered an alternative (or the mere mention of an alternative) and you were met with "We already found someone" the reasoning is probably:

    #1. This customer felt you were overpaid to ride your Z and finish in no time.

    #2. You did a crappy job.

    I highly doubt its number 2. As far as I am concerned, one does not prosper to have the type of equip. you have by doing a crap job. JMHO.
  7. fiveoboy01

    fiveoboy01 LawnSite Silver Member
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    The OP by his own admission tore up some turf...

    Whatever the reason, a customer switching LCOs is hardly a reason to be called a POS...
  8. 4curbappeal

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    If you were tearing up my lawn, then I would switch to someone that didn't! Sorry for the honesty, but what do you expect?? Maybe your equipment is too large for her lawn. Try slowing down a bit! How long is it taking you to cut her lawn??? Just trying to help.
  9. Greenguy1

    Greenguy1 LawnSite Member
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    The area in question was under trees and very poor due to the shade,even a 21" Honda would leave marks, she found someone cheaper!!!!! that also cleans her house!! remember though we still do good enough work that she wants us to do a Spring and Fall clean-up, and you know... I will do it but I will make all I lost with the mowing.
  10. Eric D

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    Of course we have no way of really knowing, but I think you have it right. She had someone else in mind to do the work and the tire mark thing is just her way of justifying her actions.

    I would explain to her that the cleanup work would cost her more now that she isn’t a full serviced location like she was. If she seems upset or doesn’t agree I would move on and find someone new that appreciates your services. I would be polite with her, as you might very well get a call back from her once the other person has a few cuttings at her place. She might find that the NEW job isn’t all she thought it would be.

    Best of luck,

    Eric D

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