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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MWM, Jan 30, 2001.

  1. MWM

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    I have ran a search on this but have found no direct comparisons. The way I understand it this is the Chevrolet vs. GMC type of situation. The product is the same but trim packages are the difference. I know the deck on the Exmark is deeper than the Z Master. Other than that what are the differences and what difference does the deck depth make. I will be getting the EFI whichever way I go. I am getting rid of my Grasshoppers (3) to switch to one of these models. My local dealer handles Toro's and has been able to give good service. The Exmark dealer is about 45 minutes away. Local dealer has the best price by about $400. Any thoughts?
  2. Evan528

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    the diffrence is that the toro has a stamped deck and the exmark is fabricated. Toro's "super flow" deck is quite impressive in wet grass..... no clumping at all! The toro deck is thinner but is reinforced all around with thick steel. I was basically in the same situation as you last november.... I was between a lazer and the z master. My dealer who ive been using for years and is the best around carries toro. The local dealer who caries exmark is not as good. I decided on the toro based on the superb service my dealer provides. They both cut extremly well... it basically comes down to the best dealer in my apinion...also if you cut wet grass often the z master is definitly your best bet. I am very happy with my z master so far and get mnay compliments form customers about tits quality of cut.

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  3. Randy Scott

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    I think you answered this question yourself " My local dealer handles Toro's and has been able to give good service ". Everyone here says that good service is priceless and I agree. I have an Exmark but it just worked out that way for me, he's close and great to deal with.
  4. CCLC

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    I agree with Evan528. I have a Toro with the SFS deck and it is awsome. We have a Toro and Exmark dealer close enough to me but I prefer the Toro Dealer. The dealers dedication to service (if needed) and good knowledgable staff gain my repeat business.
  5. lbmd1

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    We are on our 4th ZMaster and love them. The super flow design is great in areas where there is moisture or wet grass. We run gator blades year round and all our lawns looked bagged. As for the deck, The stamped decks are on the 52" and below size. The 62" and up are not stamped but welded liked the exmark, just not with the same gauge steel though. Haven't really abused mine though in all the years with them to really test the strength of them compared to exmark decks. Our dealer too is excellent in servicing as well as loaners, demos.

  6. Mark

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    I demoed alot of brands before i bought my Toro Z Master. I was down to three mowers for my pick. Exmark,Great Dane, or Toro. I went with the Z-Master also because of the dealer ive know and done alot of Business with him he's honest,and gives me 15% off on eveything i buy from him. Plus the 24hr trun-around. I was really leaning to the Dane 60/23hp Kaw he said i could have it for 6700 and it cut really good. But he's a small dealer and told me he could not get me a loaner if i was to break down. Which was a must for me. Now im so glad i got the Toro, they are such a great mower in the spring when its wet. And cuts just as good when dry. That SFS deck is wonderful. They hardly ever clog. But all the major brands are good machines. But i would only purchase from a dealer who treats you fairly and knows how it is out there in the field. Scotty is my dealer,he started off right from the bottom solo cutter. He's now one of the largest dealers in southern In. Marks Mowing Service
  7. bababooie

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    that z-master is that a front cutting mower,like a walker
  8. Mark

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    bababoole the Z-Master is just like the exmark, only diff-Decks. Its a Midmount Z Rider. Marks Mowing Service
  9. MWM

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate your time and help
  10. linky

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    I'm in the same boat as MWM. I have a good Toro dealer and a pretty good Exmark dealer. I have viewed all of the threads that i could find but still need info.[please] How do these decks cut tall grass? It seems the lazers deck would cut tall grass better because its deeper than the z's stamped deck.? I'm looking to buy one of the two with a 23 or 25 hp and a 52 deck. Both are priced the same. This will be a big investment for me and i need the input of the people who use these machines. Most of my lawns are thick tall fescue [usualy not too wet]

    One concern of mine is that if i decide to bag leaves/clippings with the toro the bagger is pricey and big-the exmark collection system is belt driven more compact and it holds more debris for $1200
    Any info./help is greatly appreciated THANKS!!!!!

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