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Z & Mini Z differences


LawnSite Senior Member
What are the major differences on the Hustler Z and Mini Z's? Are they basically built on the same frame ... as far as strength and design? From what I can tell on reading the specs on each mower, the major difference in construction is the width of the mower in the "tire to tire" width. Is this the big difference ... hence the "Mini" ... the physical size of the machine?

I understand the differences of the mowers when it comes to the "Super" (seat, hydro pumps, etc) ... just wondering what the other differences are (other then deck sizes also)

Also ....

Are there any promotions (current or coming up) on the Trimstar Hydro 48" WB? My dealer (Plainfield Equipment, Plainfield, Indiana) honors the Hustler promotions, but I have not talked to him about the 48" yet.


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The Mini Z is a smaller framed unit, the Hustler Z and Super Z are large frame units.
As far as strength goes, they are both very strong, we wouldnt put a lifetime warranty on the frames if they were not strong.
If you are looking at the 52"/54" unit's the main difference is going to be the 52" on the Mini Z has trim capability on the trim side of the deck, the 54" on the full framed unit does not.
They both use pump and motor type hydros, the Mini's offer a 23" rear tire, compared to 24" on the Hustler Z / Super Z (23" on the 54" Hustler Z / Super Z)
The full framed units are going to have 14 gallons of fuel capacity, the Mini's have 12.
What size deck are you interested in?
As far as Hustler Z to Super Z goes, don't forget hydro coolers with fan and of course the productivity difference, the Supers are much more productive.
There currently is a Spring promo of $700.00 off of MSRP on the Trimstar Hydro walk behinds.



LawnSite Senior Member
Thanks PJ ... and I did get a chance to run by my dealer yesterday (Sunday) ... and though they were closed, he does have a few units outside where you can get a close look at them. I didn't notice the differences in the frame, as you were relating to. I also noticed that the full size Hustler and Super also have a different deck ... they have the XR-7 deck ... where the Mini does not.

I feel that I am now considering the full size Z over the Mini for my new "Z" purchase.


LawnSite Senior Member
Opps ... I just noticed a typo in my post above. I meant to say that I DID notice the difference in the frame. I think I am leaning more and more towards the Super Z now.

I can remember years ago dealing with these guys ... only back then it was a Father and Son business. Now the "son" has a son who is 25, and in the business who I have been dealing with this time. His first name escapes me at the moment, but his business card in my Hustler folder has the first and middle initials of R.A.

Super nice guys, great shop, very knowledgeable, close to me and my area of work, and a "local guy" too.