Z mounted sprayer. No pics yet.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tyaroch, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. tyaroch

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    I am in the process of mounting a sprayer on my JD 777. I have a F**co 25 gallon tank on the front, $179. It is a spot sprayer, but it has thesame manifold as the trailer mounted one. So, I bought a breakaway 10' boom with seven nozzles. New price was $120 including shipping from Ebay for the boom. Now I am working on the mounting plate for the tank. It mounts over the front beam and on the castor arms. I also am going to make a receiver type hitch that mounts on the pully guards under the 777. Then I can make a hitch that goes in it to mount the boom. Every thing will be quick on and off. I can remove the tank with two knobs and the boom with a hitch pin. Also, I will turn the sprayer on and off with a foot switch that doubles as a light switch whent the sprayer is not in use.

    Sorry if this is boring, I had to tell someone! I will post pics soon!
  2. Turfdoctor1

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    sounds awesome ty. wish i had the creativity to do stuff like that. i just have to pay someone!

    good to see someone excited about the new year!
  3. T-Cart

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    I have a Kubota zd28 and am just finishing it up. I found two 13 gallon tanks and mounted one above each rear wheel. Also have the 10ft. folding boom, but mounted mine about 1ft. ahead of the front tires. Have the pump mounted down at the foot pan, but am going to use the dimmer switch also.
  4. tyaroch

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    from MI
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    I am sure that is the way to go. Having the tanks over the wheels will make it a lot more stable on slopes than mine!

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