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Z or mini Z for slopes?


LawnSite Member
Help me decide. I think I've narrowed my choices to the 23 Kawi 52" mini or the 25 Kawi 60" Z. Would the Z be that much better on slopes due to it's width? Or is the difference negligable? Is the 52" deck that much better at scalping on uneven lawns?


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
The full size frame Hustler Z will handle hills better due to its wider wheel base, but it is real close to the capabilities of our Mini's.
We do not hear any complaints about scalping on the Hustler Z's or Super Z's, we keep the back of the deck very tight to the rear wheels, this helps to prevent scalping and keeps the machine short.
Either way you will be very happy with your choice.

Hope this helps



LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
My 60" Super Z handles slopes like no other mower I have used. You really would not thing there was that much difference from mower to mower until you use one. I mow a lot of really small lawns with it as well, and have never had any problem with scalping, and I've never even adjusted the anti-scalp rollers to where they probably should be :D Says alot for the design of the mower :)

Advance Lawncare

LawnSite Member
Springdale, AR
I concur with the above posts that the super z is the most secure feeling mower on slopes that I have ever operated. And, i've never had scalping issues with the super z either. That is including many yards where my ferris IS3000 would scalp like crazy.

The super z is all out an amazing machine.:cool: