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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by eastern Iowa lawn Care, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. eastern Iowa lawn Care

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    i have bought a z-plug and am very happy with it and am considering adding the spray unit to go with it. I have an abundance of urea and uflex and am melting my nitrogen and would like to apply up to 1/2 of lb of n per/k with my herbicide.has anybody used there z-spray to apply liquid fertilizer.I know that this unit will not be as handy as a straight z-spray but i have over 50 lawns that are between 30 and 70 k and will use my permagreen on smaller lawns and pull a hose on lawns that are 2 small for either unit.I will use dry fert to get up to my .75 to 1 lbs of nitrogen per k target.my concern is with burn potential on the overlap with the liquid.
    I would appreciate on feed back on this plan.
  2. RigglePLC

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    I think the mixture would be too hot. Too concentrated to safely spray without burning the grass. Risk is higher at high temperatures. Higher still on fine fescue. More risk if the soil is a bit dry.

    Try it and let us know how it goes--on your own lawn of course. Be sure to do a couple starts and stops, plus some tight turns. And try it at half-speed--just to get an idea of what kind of margin for error you have.
  3. eastern Iowa lawn Care

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    I could add a
    little stay n nitrogen stabilizer and or move down to .4 lbs of nitrogen
    to avoid burns.thanks for the input.
    Has anybody used the sprayer on a z-plug and what were the results,anything special to watch out for?
  4. newlymowedlawns

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    I am wondering the same thing. I am looking at buying a zmax. Would love to spray liquid fert out of it. Can the pumps handle the liquid fert
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  5. foreplease

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    How much water can you put down per thousand? Unless you are up around 2 gal/M I agree that 1/2# urea is asking for trouble.
  6. eastern Iowa lawn Care

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    After doing aeration's all day with temps in the 90's and high humidity I have some concerns with using my z-plug for doing applications.
    The exhaust blows right out on my feet.with tennis shoes and shorts it was almost unbearable,I don't know how it would of been with spray boots but I can imagine not very good.
    The hopper sits so far forward that after it is less than 3/4 full it is impossible
    to see how much product is in the hopper.
    It does a great job of pulling great plugs even in dry lawns,It turns very tight
    on the ends with very little time lost while turning.
    I am just not sure that I want to subject my feet and legs to this extreme
    temperature while doing applications on a regular basis.
    Has anybody else noticed these issues?

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